more veggie people

you’ve seen the fun fruit and vegetable people portraits in my kitchen here, and the veggie folk i adore here. i also love these plastic fruit and veggie people figures…did these come as a kit?

plastic veggie people!

(you might recognize two of these guys from my ‘down on the farm’ print)

fun veggie critter decals! somebody applied these to plain tiles and attached hangers to the back.

veggie people decals!

i bought the felt veggie dolls on the left online a few years ago, and the cutie-pies on the right i  bought on etsy recently.

felt veggie cuteness!

and of course the classic embroidered veggie people! these guys used to be on an old stained tea towel so i cut them out and framed them.

embroidered veggie people!

i just came across this great veggie people trim on etsy! wow! i would love to have a stockpile of that!

3 Responses to “more veggie people”

  1. Tamera Says:

    Hi, Hannah!
    Have you ever thought of making another veggie head print? I’ve been meaning to order the Down On The Farm one, but it would look awful lonely by itself…

  2. Wanda Says:

    Oh, my gosh. I found one of those veggie people at a thrift store the other day. It was marked down to a quarter…it has an onion for a head. I had never seen one and you own a couple. That’s too neat.

  3. James Says:


    Those are adorable! I’d like to have some sitting out back by the pool so I can have a good smile while lounging around the water!

    Now if you could only get your veggie people to sing… Do a Google search for “singing watermelon”… you’ll find a new video out that features singing watermelons… very funny – I think you’d like it!

    – James

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