hungarian honey cake placemats

i’ll admit, i may be a little captivated by hungarian honey cakes.  they’re just so dang festive-looking!

here’s another cute and easy felt project starring those lovely looking treats. i made them flat to use as a placemat or table accent, but it would also be really cute to add a back and stuff it to make a delightful pillow. i might try that next.

here is a template for the heart shape and flower petal and leaf shapes. they’re pretty big, almost 17″ across and about 13.5″ high. i drew in a guide for sewing on the ric rac in the middle so it comes out evenly (click on the picture to enlarge and download the actual size pattern)


all you need is some felt, ric rac and other trim, and some kind of silver metallic material for the mirror in the middle. i happened to have a piece of silver vinyl lying around but any kind of silver fabric would work. i cut 2 layers of felt for the heart to make it feel more substantial.

first i sewed the 2 heart layers together and the ric rac on the edge. then i marked the layout of the ric rac in the middle with the curlicues and sewed it on. then i sewed on the secondary inner row of trim.

next i stitched on the ‘mirror’ in the center and trimmed it with ric rac. the mirror can be any size you want, depending on how many flowers you want to sew on.

after that i randomly placed the flowers and leaves where i thought they looked good and pinned them in place. i stitched them down the center of each piece, leaving the edges free so they pop up a little.

they also look great with all white frosting!

13 Responses to “hungarian honey cake placemats”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh how beautiful! I love all the color. Thanks so much for sharing the template, I’ll be linking.

  2. cheryl Says:

    wow, lovely! thanks for the pattern. they’re so cheery and tasty looking. :)

  3. jenny be cheery Says:

    gasp! good heavens – these are beyond words! i adore you & everything you do! xx

  4. karen Says:

    i love these! being part magyar, i’m ashamed to admit i don’t know what a hungarian honey cake is, but now i know what to research today :) actually, your gingerbread hearts were partially the inspiration for this quilt block:

    keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Alexia Says:

    Greetings from Munich, Germany. I am an American living in Munich and and am SUPPOSED to be studying for my six-month German test tomorrow but somehow got sucked into one blog, which led to another, which led me to you! I am taking this as a sign that I no longer need to study because I can now find all that is Bavarian intuitively. Oder? Seriously, seriously amazing creativity. I am bookmarking so I can go back and read every post on Sunday. Alas, as much as I love all things German, adjektiv endungen sind nicht meine forte. So back to the books I go…

  6. Lee Harris Fogle Says:

    Those are gorgeous! I love the bright colors. Now I’m going to go look and see what a Hungarian honey cake is!

  7. Boney Says:

    I’m in love with these!! Can you suggest where to find silver vinyl? Thanks!

  8. hannah Says:

    i’m glad you guys like this project! i’d love to see pics if you make them.

    i found the silver vinyl i had at a fabric store downtown, but you could also use a piece of silver lame, silver satin or even silver spandex instead.

  9. sallyreames Says:

    Oh those are fabulous! Now I know what i’m doing with box of various trims I got at garage sale this summer. Perfect! Thank you!

  10. Piroska Says:

    Wow! I brought back a wonderful honey cake from Hungary and always thought the decoration on it would translate well into embroidery/craft. You’ve proved me right, and it looks wonderful! Can’t wait to whip up a batch of these.

  11. Emma Says:

    Thank you for the template, I have been looking everywhere for one!

  12. Norma Ottman Says:

    This is the most beautiful place mat I’ve ever seen. I thank you so much for the pattern and hope mine turns out half as awesome as yours.

  13. hannah Says:

    thank you so much! i’m so glad you like it, i hope you will have fun making them!

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