gingerbread hearts

here are some fun and festive oktoberfest (or anytime!) decorations to make, felt and ric rac gingerbread hearts!

fun and festive gingerbread hearts!

i made the hearts out of brown felt and lightly stuffed them. they measure about 7″x7″. i used ric rac for the icing on the edge, and made some mini ric rac flowers for the decorations. ribbon flowers would also look cute, and add some writing if that tickles your fancy. i strung some jumbo pom poms on baby ric rac to hang with them because i thought it looked extra festive!

or try decorating the hearts like one of these pretty hungarian honey cakes!

fun and festive hungarian honey cakes!

these ones would be great for valentine decorations. they will be up year round in my house! i love the red icing and the little mirror in the center (i used tin foil). for the yellow icing i curled chenille pipe cleaners.

18 Responses to “gingerbread hearts”

  1. katy Says:

    can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. so cool that it has an overall look and that your projects and posts relate to that look. . .

    these hearts are darling!

  2. hannah Says:

    thanks! i’m so glad you like it! i know, it seems like whenever i try to write (or make!) something it always goes back to the same themes…

  3. lera Says:

    Those are the cutest gingerbread hearts. Ever.

  4. kitschen pink Says:

    Just edible! xx

  5. threeundertwo Says:

    I want to eat them! I love these!

  6. ~*~ Patty Says:

    Your “lebkucken” hearts are just wonderful = brilliant!!! I have the sweetest memories of being a little girl at the Oktoberfest in Munich wearing a big heart that I could not wait to nibble on!

  7. Nix Says:

    Such delicious colors. I am thinking about making some of these as gifts.

  8. brook Says:

    these are sooo cute I love them!!

  9. Mary Corbet Says:

    These are so pretty! These would look perfect tied on the outside of a Christmas package. I love working with felt on projects like this. The pipe cleaners worked great for the yellow! Brilliant idea. And I love the puffy pom-pom things!

  10. geek+nerd Says:

    These are so awesome – I might have to whip a few of these up for Christmas time…

  11. Sabine Says:

    These hearts are soooo cute…. Next week I´m looking for my big ricracs which I´ve bought in the US last year….. Thanks for these cute pics….
    Have a good day
    Sabine from germany

  12. heleen Says:

    I love, love, love these hearts!!

  13. deb Says:

    OK, these are fabulous! Will be adding them to my holiday decoration link post this week, and keeping them to refer to next year!

  14. Heather Says:

    Did I tell you I made chocolate salt dough ornaments inspired by these?

  15. marylea at pink and green mama Says:

    I love these hearts. I’m addicted to felt to begin with and these are just adorable!

  16. Ann Says:

    These are so wonderful – I can’t stop looking at them! Did you glue on the decorations, and if so, did you use a craft glue or another special kind! Love your colorful and inspirational ideas!

  17. hannah Says:

    i just used a glue gun to glue on the decorations.

  18. Julie Says:

    Just discovered these! They are the cutest thing I ever seen. Love ’em!!!!

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