the sewists

August 29th, 2014

i’m so excited to have a printing/sewing project in josephine perry’s beautiful new book ‘the sewists’

the sewists apron


the sewists book

i came up with this screen printed apron project inspired by the talavera tiles in my kitchen, it’s one of my favorite parts of the house!

the project uses contact paper stencils to print 6 squares of fabric which are sewn together to make the pattern…like tiles. you can take a peek at a PDF of the project here. the pattern artwork is included in a CD that accompanies the book.

the book features 20 projects ranging from bookbinding, doll making and cross stitch to sewing accessories and clothing. it is available for pre-order on amazon here.

happy friday vintage fabric giveaway!

August 22nd, 2014

vintage fabric give away
just finished STUFFING a medium flat rate box full vintage fabric swatches and pieces left over from my limited edition skirts , including some pieces of the highly coveted lion fabric!  that’s almost 4 pounds of fabric!

great for all sorts of crafty projects. if you would like them for patchwork or what-have-you (there are a lot of decent sized pieces for larger projects), leave a comment telling me what you would make with them, and i’ll randomly pick a recipient a week from now and send you a medium flat rate mailing box (that’s 11″ x 8.5″ x 5.5″) stuffed to the gills with fun fabric pieces!

(US addresses only, please. international shipping for the box is over $60! yikes!)


**a winner has been chosen! thank you so much for all of your comments, i loved reading about what you would make!!!**

new limited edition skirts

July 18th, 2014

added a handful of  vintage fabric limited edition skirts to my website!

new limited edition skirts


a couple of projects

July 17th, 2014

a couple of projects i’ve been working on around here…

painted a hex sign table.

hex sign table

(ps- i started posting photos on instagram here: )

i used the same design as my hex sign rug pattern, just modified it a little. i printed it out to the size of the table and traced it on using dressmakers tracing paper and a wheel. that worked great! i have a feeling i will be using that trick pretty often. the hole was there for an umbrella i guess…considered filling it in but then thought it would look pretty cute with a red and white striped umbrella so i left it.

got this cute-shaped upholstered trunk/ottoman thingy at the thrift store a while ago. did a little vinyl applique and added some button accents.

cute vinyl uphostered ottoman

the top was pretty beat up but the rest of the vinyl wasn’t ripped so i just recovered the top and spray painted the rest of it. i used this little box and my honeycake chairs as inspiration.

vinyle applique with button accents

i like the straw fabric lining the inside

straw fabric

and stitching up some new limited edition skirts today! having so much fun with all of these vintage fabrics!

fun vintage fabric for skirts

hoping to have them up on my website tomorrow!

also building a new set of steps for the basement but that’s not as pretty…

gingham gladness

June 27th, 2014

takin’ the new skirt out for a test drive!

gingham gladness!

happy summer skirts! (and a discount!)

June 26th, 2014

just added a trio of bright & cheerful new skirts for summertime…and to celebrate summer, all 3 styles are 20% off until midnight, saturday 6/28!!!

bright & cheerful skirts for summer!

sample sale in my etsy shop!

April 24th, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sample Sale in my Etsy shop!

just finished listing lots of goodies – 30-60% off and ready to ship. take a peek here:

spring cleaning sample sale!

spring cleaning

April 23rd, 2014

guess who’s been doing some spring cleaning?

spring cleaning!

getting a whole bunch of goodies ready for a ‘spring cleaning sample sale’ in my etsy shop tomorrow! lots of stuff, ready to ship, including some long-sold-out styles from way back when madewithlovebyhannah was just a baby! that was almost 10 years ago already!

maybe my favorite thrift find of 2014…

April 15th, 2014

(so far)

cats are people too cross stitch

vintage fabric finds for summer

April 8th, 2014

awesome vintage fabric finds for summer skirts

awesome vintage fabric finds for summer skirts! it’s 90 here today, it feels like summer already…

the red tulips in the middle is a Lanz Original print from 1963.

found the strawberries last week. when i pulled into the thrift store parking lot, the guy that works there said “nice car, but i think you need new speakers, that sounds terrible”  haha! yeah, i crank the tunes while i’m driving around. i think he was talking about my singing. i was listening to this. i like it twangy!!!