another pair of painted shoes

since the first pair i painted, i’ve been thinking about what to paint next. i pulled these ones out of my closet yesterday afternoon.


i bought them at the thrift store about 7 or 8 years ago, i don’t think i’ve ever worn them. they’re actually quite comfortable but every time i try them on, the big white band across the toe looks too…well, too big and white! i was originally going to paint something totally different on them, but when i sat down to do it i looked at my scherenschnitte skirt (which i find myself wearing all the time) and thought how cute it would be to have coordinating shoes! they also go very nicely with my favorite things skirt. here’s how they ended up!


 i like them so much better now!

11 Responses to “another pair of painted shoes”

  1. Snippety Gibbet Says:

    Those are just too fun!

  2. geek+nerd Says:

    So fun – they look amazing! I made a thrift score that made me think of you today, it’s on my flickr:

  3. Kathi D Says:

    They look FABULOUS, darling!

  4. Bec Says:

    Oh wow, these look sensational!!!

  5. Veronica Says:

    LOVE the shoes. Really. Those are amazing! And they do go so well with your skirts! *jealous* :D

  6. Kate Says:

    Love these….they look fabulous!

  7. Sarah Says:

    Oh my GOSH! I just discovered your little blog and I’m in HEAVEN! It brought back this FLOOD of memories of growing up in Germany (I was an Army brat!). It was the longest we lived anywhere- and I was completely enamored with the kitschy side of things….and that’s never subsided! I’m completely in love with your creations and the photos of your garden,etc. Thanks for a lovely addition to my “favorites” to visit online!

  8. sunny Says:

    You are a genius!

  9. Amalie Says:

    I’ve painted on many shoes, always ended up ruining them. This is how it’s done!

  10. Inger Carina Says:

    Oh, I just found your blog! It’s INCREDIBLE!!!! Fabulous work, everything!
    When my salary arrives this month I’m going to order me some of your SUPER Wonderful skirts. :)
    Thanks, this was very inspiring!
    Kind regards
    Inger Carina

  11. Ann Says:

    This is the perfect idea, and in redandwhite!

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