painted shoes

have you ever painted on your shoes? last night i painted some flowers on a cute pair of shoes that needed a little something extra…

painted shoes

for a first try i think they came out really cute. if i were a better painter, i might have tried something a little more ambitious than simple flowers. next time!

i used neopaque paint because the colors are concentrated, opaque and cover black exceptionally well. also it dries permanent and flexible so it won’t crack. i prepped the area i wanted to paint by wiping it down with acetone. the colors came out super bright, so after i finished painting i put a wash of diluted black paint over it to tone the colors down and give it kind of an antique-y feel to match the look of the shoes. lastly i shined them up with a little saddle soap. i’ve been wearing them around today and i can’t stop staring at my feet!

i love painted shoes,  i have a collection of painted clogs, but this is the first time i’ve tried it myself. i’m already thinking about what to paint next!

painted clogs

for some more shoe painting inspiration, check out these amazing clogs and this cute pair of shoes on etsy that i love.

16 Responses to “painted shoes”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    WOW, i’ve sooo been thinking of getting some painted clogs lately. have u ever been to clogmaster (?) on la cienega? supposedly you can get custom made clogs there! i just can never seem to find parking in that area!!

    anyway, i love what you did to your shoes. :)

  2. penny Says:

    that is so cute.

  3. hannah Says:

    i haven’t been there yet, but i’ve heard about it. though i think i already have enough pairs to last a lifetime (there are a few more pairs in my closet that i didn’t photograph!) maybe i shouldn’t tempt myself by going.

  4. geek+nerd Says:

    Oh my word! I love all things matryoshka – and those shoes on etsy are like the kryptonite of cute, so cute it hurts!

    Thanks for taking the time to explain how you painted on your shoes, they’re adorable! I have a leather bag that I’ve wanted to paint on for awhile now, and I suppose I can apply the same kind of paint/technique to that :)

  5. sunny Says:

    Can we get some photos of you wearing those cute clogs?!

  6. Felicia Says:

    They turned out very cute :)

  7. Ash Says:

    What a great idea! And a great job, also!

  8. clarice Says:

    Oh this is brilliant, I am now looking at my shooes in a new light. I love your blog and am so glad I found it. I have added you to my blogfeeder. Clarice

  9. Caya Says:

    Ohhhh, how I love those shoes in the first photo. How I wish I could wear them. But I’ve never worn anything but flats all my life and I’d look like a fool if I tried. Lovely, lovely shoes!!

  10. missy Says:

    what kind of shoes are those that you painted? they are such a cute shape and perfect for painting. i would like to try and really like that style… i have a pair of Gretel’s clogs, but they are one size too big. do you know where i can find gretel’s clogs anymore? they are very hard to find.

  11. hannah Says:

    the shoes i painted are by j shoes. gretel’s clogs are my favorite! most of my painted clogs are by gretel’s. sadly they don’t make them anymore!

  12. iHanna Says:

    I’ve been wanting to paint a pair of shoes like for ever but haven’t gotten around to it yet! Yours are darling cute and the flowers only adds to the cutness! What a nice blog you have, I will stick around for a while and check everything out.

    Take care!

  13. linda lu Says:

    Oh, wow….. I’ve not ever thought of such a lovely thing as painted shoes. You did such a beautiful job.

  14. aaron Says:

    Oh,they are such a cute shape and perfect for painting. i would like to try and really like that style… i have a pair of Gretel’s clogs

  15. abbey Says:

    where are these painted clogs from??? i love them!

  16. hannah Says:

    most of the painted clogs are by gretel’s clogs, but sadly they no longer make them.

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