it’s finally chilly enough in the evening to pull out the sweaters! i love sweaters. here are some details from a few of my favorites…

pom pom fun! i love pom poms!

pom poms and flowers!

i love sweaters that tie at the waist. so cute!

it ties at the waist

embroidered alpine flowers. edelweiss!

i also love that lumpy stitch. what is that called? i need to learn how to knit.

i added the embroidered piece to this one earlier this year and now it’s one of my favorite sweaters. can’t wait to wear it again!

10 Responses to “sweaters”

  1. lisa Says:

    mmmmmm sweaters!

  2. hannah Says:

    i know, i missed them!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I love them! This makes me also very happy that if I, as a 39-year-midwestern girl, ever were to make my dream move to southern California, I could actually still wear sweaters! Very exciting!

  4. emily Says:

    I have burning sweater envy!
    I think those lumpy things are called bobbles…

  5. deb Says:

    living in the mountains of Idaho, it is always sweater weather, it just depends upon the material…thank you for sharing your collection…I swoon for ANYTHING with edelweiss on it…I have a little white pygmy goat Edelweiss

  6. hannah Says:

    sometimes it gets cold enough here to wear an actual coat, during the day even! (i say that after living here long enough to become a total weather wimp)

    bobbles sounds much cuter than lumpy stitch. i love bobbles!

    a white goat named edelweiss! so cute!! i’d love to see pictures!

  7. sofy Says:

    ooh, that looks like some wonderfull sweaters:) Whish they were mine!

  8. LesleyAnne Says:

    Love these sweaters! Yes, those are bobbles, more advance knitting technique. I’ve been knitting for 5+ years and haven’t done a bobble stitch yet! :) I think they’re pretty easy to learn though. Beautiful job embroidering the sweaters! I especially love the last one. So inspiring! Do you sell any of these?

  9. Amy Kelly Says:

    Your sweater collection is seriously envy-inducing! The pale pink one is so sweet and feminine. I love them all really.

  10. Jan Taljaard Winje Says:

    in response to your need to learn to knit……..

    for someone of your incredible talents, it would be a walk in the park.
    If you can read, you can knit. Go for it! Thanks so much for the oilskin
    apron/hat. I LOVE it.

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