vintage screen printed sweaters

i’ve always loved these vintage screen printed sweaters

they used to be all over the thrift stores back when i was in high school, and when i first learned how to screen print i would marvel over how they were screen printed in one piece and then sewn up the sides and underarm.

i still find them now and then. i just picked up this one, it looks like it’s never even been worn…


ps- i forgot to mention there are a few new limited edition skirts on my website, and i made a scherenschnitte print dish cloth!

3 Responses to “vintage screen printed sweaters”

  1. Badger Says:

    that “Screen print by Darlene” tag is to die for!

  2. cal Says:

    ooh, i have always loved those too! but really i just hopped over here to show you this apron i just say on eBay which looks like it might need to be part of your design reference library:
    i totally though of you the instant i saw it ;n)

  3. Lynn Says:

    That sweater is beautiful!

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