thrift store art

this past summer was a great one for scoring some awesome thrift store art. i can’t remember when i’ve found such good stuff in such a short span of time. here’s a look at some of the goodies i picked up in the last few months…

i think this one is my favorite. cross-stitched fox stealing a rooster! it’s pretty big, 11½”x18½”. jenny spotted it, thanks eagle eye!

fox stealing a rooster!

just can’t get enough of those mushrooms…this one is about 8″x10″

mouse and mushrooms! and ric rac!

cast metal deer on a burlap background, from continental art-craft 1966. 11″x16″. there was a buck that went along with it but i didn’t get it. the buck’s antlers had been broken and sloppily glued back on and i liked the composition of the deer better, but i did feel a little guilty breaking up the set!

cast metal deer

two yarn embroidered birdies with fluffy yarn flowers…these little cuties are only 5″x6″.

yarn embroidered birds

and an old salzburg souvenir shadowbox with real edelweiss inside. cute!

salzburg souvenir shadow box

4 Responses to “thrift store art”

  1. kitschen pink Says:

    I think that fox would give me nightmares! t.x

  2. threeundertwo Says:

    Great finds! The fox is fabulous, but I think I love the mushrooms the best.

  3. hannah Says:

    i know, that fox is pretty sinister! and the red inside his mouth kind of makes it look a little bloody. i love the way the mushroom stitcher put the red ric rac around the edge. mushrooms and ric rac, it really doesn’t get much better than that!

  4. Scotti Says:

    What fantastic finds! I troll the thrift shops pretty regularly in my town and I never find any art that even comes close to these. I guess people in my neck of the woods just don’t get rid of (or never had!) cool stuff like this. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your blog.


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