love in the lino forest

sometimes i find things i love and need to have them. that happened when i stumbled into betty jo’s lino forest. one day i want to own one of everything. i think i’m well on my way…

babushkas and cute critters!

liz’s brooches, necklaces and clocks are all made from recycled vintage linoleum and decorated with cute bits of embroidery and buttons. her things are right up my alley, featuring matryoshkas, cuckoo clocks and cute critters. i’m dying over this working lino cuckoo clock, but for now i’ve satisfied myself with these two newest additions to my collection, an adorable cuckoo clock necklace and an apple tree brooch.

cute cuckoo clock and ducky under an apple tree!

get some cuteness for yourself here and here!

4 Responses to “love in the lino forest”

  1. liz Says:

    Oh you are very kind and lovely.
    xx Liz aka Betty Jo

  2. Gina Says:

    I LOVE the clock. How cute — thanks for sharing!

  3. Kitschen Pink Says:

    the colours are just amazing! beautiful things – I”m off to have a look! t.x

  4. Jennifer Says:

    thank you hannah for your recent comment – i could use all the encouragement i can get! :)

    one of your skirts is on Etsy’s homepage!

    also, i thought of you when i found this yesterday:

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