this may very well become one of my favorite websites. i read about spoonflower a while ago in true up and was pretty excited to learn about it. i’ve been anxiously awaiting an invitation to try out their services during the testing stage, and when it arrived in my inbox last night i was thrilled and whipped up this print. i call it ‘knick knack extravaganza’.

knick knack extravaganza!

i just placed my order for a yard of it, i can’t wait to see what it comes out like!

okay, i can hear a rooster crowing, i’d better go to bed!

11 Responses to “spoonflower”

  1. Jenny Says:

    OMG my head just exploded…WITH AWESOMENESS!! I can’t wait to see this stuff!!

    Only…where are the PINECONES?! Man, I can’t wait to get my invite already!!

  2. hannah Says:

    i know, i can’t wait either! the print is pretty big, the chipmunk with the peanut is about 6 inches tall. if it comes out good i’ve got big plans!

  3. Kim Says:

    This is so awesome, and so YOU! And your design really takes full advantage of what digital printing can do. I can’t wait to see how it looks on fabric!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Very cool! I had never heard of spoonflower before!

  5. fledgeling Says:

    I’m in love. Oh gosh. This is just, just, … (available superlatives just fall short!).

    How do I get my yard? Or 10?

    Fantastic! Just amazing!


  6. Summer Says:

    I just found your blog – yay! The fabric will be rad; you’ll have to update how it turned out!

  7. Jessica McLeod Says:

    That is an awesomely insane design! I love that stuff, my mum tells me that when she was little (in the fifties) that was the kind of stuff they gave away as prizes at fairs. I would have been in heaven in those days!

  8. Kristine Says:

    I just found you via Alicia at Posie. Your work is so cute! I also appreciate the larger sizes. This print you made as Spoonflower is fantastic. I hope it turns out nice so you will sell it in your shop. I would like make pillowcases or floor cushions out of it. I’m sure it will look great. Everyone seems to be very happy with this new service.

  9. kleiner Himmel Says:

    i’m a still reader from germany – but i want to spend a award to you – if you like…

    greetings from germany

  10. Kitschen Pink Says:

    Oh my that is just the most amazing fabric repeat! How much ink will they need to get it right!! I can’t wait to see the finished cloth! It’s certainly like nothing I’ve ever seen – although I do have some oilcloth loaded with photo images of the most amazingly kitsch roses – but even they are sensible by comparison with this!! Love it very much! x

  11. kristen - gock's frocks Says:

    I love it! I too am eagerly awaiting my invite – how long did it take to get yours??

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