frog prince

wanted to show you this a while ago, but with halloween tomorrow, i guess it is perfect timing! artist Brigid Ashwood asked to use my ribbon print skirt print on a pin-up witch in her ‘witchen kitsch’ series– so much fun!

witchen kitsch by brigid ashwood

(prints are available in her etsy shop here)

frog prince by brigid ashwood

then her painting was turned into a figurine! so cool that it will live on forever in resin!

(the figurines are available here)

2 Responses to “frog prince”

  1. Brigid Ashwood Says:

    Yay! Thanks again for letting me use your beautiful art in my own. I so appreciate it. :)

  2. Amara Russell Says:

    please hang one of these nearby!

    Lovely art all around, ladies!

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