mushrooms, again…

i originally made these for myself, one red and one brown to wear with my toadstool skirts, but they came out so darn cute i thought i would make a bunch of them to offer on my website as well. this is what they started out like…

wooden mushrooms

my mushroom factory, the first coat of paint. the red have white stems and the brown have cream colored stems. they are about 1½” tall and wide…

painted mushrooms!

i painted on the spots, added brass eye hooks and strung them on the sweetest cotton baby ric rac! i have to add one last detail, the icing on the cake so to speak. see the finished product here!

mushroom necklaces!

9 Responses to “mushrooms, again…”

  1. amanda Says:

    very cute :)

  2. Jill Hunter Says:

    I love these! Along with your skirts and everything else!

  3. Jennifer Perkins Says:

    Beyond cute!!! Love them.

  4. Tips Of All Sorts Says:

    Your unpainted mushrooms look kind of real too! :-)

  5. ana manheim Says:

    Hi, I loved your unpainted mushrooms. Do you sell them, and what is the price?
    Regards ana

  6. hannah Says:

    i don’t sell them unpainted, but you can find them like that on ebay

  7. Theo Says:

    Hi, I love really the unpainted mushrooms! Last post is from 2009 and I can’t find them on ebay anymore. Do you have a adress or hint for me.
    Thanks in advance.
    Theo Muis

  8. Joy Says:

    Do you have any of these left? Any chance they are for sale? Or, could you tell me where you found the unpainted mushrooms? I can’t find them on ebay but would love some mushrooms shaped like these.

  9. hannah Says:

    hi! it was so long ago i don’t remember who i bought them from on ebay. sorry about that! it was someone who was selling all sorts of plain wooden shapes.

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