crocheted hex sign rugs

some motifs i find myself a little obsessed with throughout the years, hex signs are one of them

rug is 28 inches across. this is actually the second pattern i made, after a little miscalculating the first one is turning out huge…i’m estimating it’s going to be 4 or 5 feet across when i’m finished! i just wanted a little kitchen rug!

 then i made this tulip and heart rug to coordinate with the wall tile in my kitchen. i did discover that i really like crocheting stuff in a continuous circle. 

all made with thrifted yarn, some polyester rug yarn, some regular yarn i doubled up, and some aunt lydia’s rayon/cotton heavy rug yarn (my favorite! i need to find some more!) still working on the giant one…

13 Responses to “crocheted hex sign rugs”

  1. Lea Says:

    I am SERIOUSLY in love with these rugs.. perhaps writing a selling the pattern for us crocheters who are not as talented as yourself???

  2. Lorene Says:

    I envy you the sense of satisfaction you must feel when looking at these beautiful rugs!

  3. Laura Says:

    LOVE These! I would love a pattern as well. Did you find some vintage patterns, or come up with these yourself?

  4. hannah Says:

    thanks ladies! i made up the patterns myself, i was thinking of making patterns to sell but they’d need alot of tweaking before they’re ready for the real world.

  5. Sara Says:

    Those are just gorgeous Hannah. I’d love to buy the hearts motif graph from you. You should start selling the charts in your shop as well.

  6. Maike Says:

    Oh my, Hannah!
    What a lovely tulip rug, you did that so beautifully. I love the colours.

  7. MaryjoO Says:

    I found your photos above on a pinterest site — wow! they look fabulous!

  8. Shay Says:

    Amazing design and workmanship. I can never get mine to lie flat!!!!

  9. JulieFrick Says:

    Another vote for a pattern-ye gods, I’d love one of these.

  10. Diana Says:

    These are gorgeous! Will be watching for the patterns!

  11. EVA Says:

    Your all designs are so cool….

  12. Jb Says:

    Patterns, patterns patterns!! Please

  13. Lois Reni Bell Prejean Says:

    Love them. Would love to get the pattern when you do them

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