more mushrooms

i went mushroom crazy this weekend. nutso, cuckoo, wacky…i don’t know what came over me, maybe it was spring fever! have you seen the mushroom garden furniture at target? (it’s on sale this week)

mushrooms at target

the pieces are made out of resin with a grey faux stone finish. i picked up a set to put over by the cuckoo cabin, under the pecan tree for when i need to take a break from printing and sit in the shade sipping lemonade. at least that’s what i imagine myself doing. frivolous, i know. of course i painted them, here’s the results. i’m quite pleased!

painted mushroom furniture!

the stools are obviously cute, even when they aren’t painted. i wasn’t as thrilled with the table originally, the shape was a little awkward and clunky. i wasn’t going to buy it, but the one they had was 1/3 off because someone had spilled tar on the top. since i was planning on painting it that didn’t matter to me. now that i’ve painted it, i’m so in love with it! the best thing about the set is that it’s adult sized. yay! they also have small, medium and large mushroom statues, which are also really cute once painted…

painted mushroom statues

the tallest one is about 14″ high, and the smallest one is about 8.5″ high.

12 Responses to “more mushrooms”

  1. iki Says:

    I love these mushrooms! (And loved your new apple skirts!)


  2. amanda Says:

    100% better and cuter painted! the table is adorable! are you having tea on it? :)

  3. hannah Says:

    when i went outside this morning, a squirrel had left an orange peel on it and a bird had pooped on one of the stools. i think there was a little party out there last night!

  4. Christina Vandoren Says:

    Oh my goodness Oh my goodness! I’m on my way to target right now! It makes me so happy/sad that mushrooms are “in” I’ve collected them for years and they’ve (as you know) have been so hard to find…now…I can find them but so can everyone else. Ce la vie! Off to Target. Thanks Hannah. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Cece

  5. amy Says:


    what type of paint did you use on the mushrooms?


  6. hannah Says:

    hi amy! i used spraypaint for the stems and tops, and painted the spots on with an outdoor enamel.

  7. Mandi Says:

    Those are so precious!! Thanks for sharing, and for helping Alison…that’s how I found my way over here :)

  8. Jill Hunter Says:

    So jealous, Targets here didn’t have those. :sad:

  9. Jessica Says:

    Gawd…you’re so freaking talented.
    I covet your talent…and passion.
    You’re living the life I dream of living.

    You’re my new favorite blog.

  10. Tiffany Says:

    Amazingly cute…too adorable for words!

  11. farida Says:

    Hi, What colours of paint do you use for these mushroom table/stool sets? Im inspired to repaint some mushrooms, I never done it before, I want to do the same colour as your please :) Thank you

  12. hannah Says:

    i used rustoleum “painters touch” white and apple red

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