super sweet sewing machine

vintage husqvarna! 

i picked up this beauty at the thrift store a few days ago for under twenty dollars. when i opened up the case i knew i couldn’t leave the store without it (i like to think i know a good thing when i see it!) i use my trusty old industrial singer & merrow machines for all of my sewing, but i still use a home machine when i need a little zig-zag action for sewing on appliques. this one will be taking over that job from now on!

vintage husqvarna all tucked in bed!

look how cute it is all tucked in bed!

it’s things like this that make rummaging through so much thrift store crap seem all worthwhile.

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  1. SummerSadie Says:

    Oh I LOVE it! That is a fabulous find!

  2. Christine Says:

    What a great find! I love how the box is lined in plaid. *swoon*

  3. strikkelise Says:

    Omg, i grew up with a machine exactly like that! My mum kept i until maybe 10 years ago, when sadly it was worn out.

  4. Jeanette Says:

    Wow! That looks great, I dream of finding something like that in a charity shop.

  5. georgiapeachez Says:

    That is SWEET! xo, suzy

  6. KÃ¥nkarong Says:

    Ooo, a Swedish work horse in all it’s glory! I have my mum’s Husqvarna 2000 from 1962, which must be just a little bit younger than that one. :)

  7. Kate Says:

    Nice! One of my neighbors is a Vintage/Thrift store…and she’s got a beautiful machine in there…more than 20 bucks though!

  8. Carrie Says:

    Wow! what a great find =)

  9. Ingrid Says:

    My Mom has that exact sewing machine. She is Danish and before she married was a seamstress. Wow, I wonder how it got to L.A. and what stories it could tell. Do you need a transformer to use it, like my Mom’s or is it able to be plugged into US sockets? Great find. I hope you get to use it!

  10. marjorie Says:

    That is the cutest thing ever!! I love it’s little plaid nest,too!! If only modern sewing machines had such nifty nests!!

  11. xue Says:

    That is an incredible find! I wish there were more thrift shops like that over here so at least, that I know where they are! Greetings from Tokyo! My husband is German & our 2 kids goes to the German School here.

  12. Sunny Buick Says:

    I was seriously considering getting the Husqvarna logo tattooed on me….Shouldn’t your machine say Viking and not just KING?

  13. Lynn Palmertree Says:

    That machine is so wonderful! I have two Husqvarna machines that I use every day. I have the Rose and the Sapphire. I would never get rid of my Rose. The Viking is a great name!

  14. LivLaga Says:

    What a fantastic find :) This is the best machine ever!

    I sew on a daily basis on the exact same machine. It used to be my mothers, and when she passed away when I was 20, it was passed on to me. My mom was a great seamstress and her spirit kind of lives on in the good old Husquarna (sound strange, I know, but I somehow feel so close to her when using my dear sewing machine :))

    I LOVE my machine, and would never change it for a modern version.

  15. jen Says:


  16. Erika Chapin Says:

    I just picked up a Necchi Supernova for $20 at a thrift store too!

  17. Snippety Gibbet Says:

    This reminds me of my Mom’s machine when I was a little girl. It became mine when I was in college. The case wasn’t as cool as this one though. jan

  18. Isobel Says:

    Hi, that is my machine, exactly. My Grandfather bought it for my Grandmother back in the 50’s while he was working in Sweden. Then it was passed on to me. I have the box with all the different attachments and spools and bits and the instructions. Even the original oil bottle. Its exactly the same as yours and is still used regularly. It only needed one service about 20 years ago. You are so lucky to have found yours. Take loving care of it…x

  19. Michelle Says:

    Hi Hannah,
    You just purchased the Viking manual from my husband and I. How neat I found your blog!
    be blessed!

  20. EmilyKate Says:

    hello there, I found your blog via the feature that was done on your house on etsy…. W*O*W. your house and all the ceramics are my DREAM. I collect wacky ceramics but I am nowhere near your level yet. Anyway I wanted to say, I also have this machine and it is great! I have a scanned manual for it if you need one :o)

  21. Cheryl Says:

    I just bought the exact same machine at a flea market here in Melbourne Australia for $20!!! its got the Australian plug and has all the little bits of equipment to go with it except the oil bottle! Even a little plastic campartment case that fits in that little section of the suitcase. AND comes with the original manual and the wheelie thing that helps you know which settings to move for certain patterns! As you can tell I’m a little excited :)
    Especially after seeing your awesome crafts, I know I will make some great pieces from this vintage beauty.

  22. karen Says:

    I too have a 50s Husqvarna, and need a manual, or copy of one. Do you know how I could get one? Thanks.

  23. Pamila Ruehling Says:

    I love and try and post things we don’t use or need on there. Today I found something I needed (and really wanted) A vintage Singer sewing machine! I can’t wait to start making some stuff. The last time I used a sewing machine was 9th grade Home Ec. The other cool thing was the lady who gave it to me ended up living only a block away.

  24. Sam Says:

    Hello, I just saw an identical machine (and fell in love) in a flea market in Zurich, the guy wants $100 for it, I got him down to $85 (Swissies don’t bargain!) it’s 220v with a german plug end I would have to change, but otherwise seems to be in good condition. I wasn’t able to test it as there was no converter available, so have decided to leave it for this week, do some research and go back with an adapter next week. I like to think if it’s meant to be, it will be there waiting for me. I don’t know much about sewing, am aiming to learn and would like some advice about whether this little gem could handle light suede/leather provided I use good sharp needles? Thanks in advance, Cheers, Sam

  25. hannah Says:

    hi sam! the machine seems pretty heavy duty. it has a lot of power, i haven’t tried sewing anything too heavy but i think with the right needle it would be no problem. i think $85 is totally worth it.

  26. Catherine Says:

    Hi, I have one of these machines, my grandmother gave it to me about 30 years ago, unfortunately it isn’t looking as squeaky clean as your lovely one is, the green on mine has yellowed somewhat. May I ask you – I haven’t used it for years but now want to again – and I can’t remember which way the bobbin goes into the case! Not to mention which way the cotton should be wound on – and I’m not having much luck getting it to pick up stitches. If there’s any advice you can give I’d be very grateful. Great to find this thread, hope your Husky’s going well! :-)

  27. Enda Says:


    we have one of these machines but only have the manual in Swiss… do you have a copy of the manual in English or know of where we could download one.

    Thanks Enda

  28. Isobel Says:

    EDNA!!! If its not too late I have a manual I can copy and pdf to you if you are still looking? …x

  29. hannah Says:

    thanks so much for offering, isobel! i did finally get my hands on a manual when i found the second machine

  30. kaz Says:

    I too have the exact same Husqvarna like you and i also found it in a charity shop in England. It cost me £5. I spied the case and thought it wud be fab for my daughter to stores her pictures and secret things and on opening the case i was shocked to see such a beautiful item and couldnt leave the shop without it. it came with the swiss plug which i had to change. It has a manual and some of the equipment and even the original warranty tag. I love it so much and in the event of a fire i would save my child and my sewing machine. its a dream. any ideas where i can buy the parts im missing??????????

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