hungarian embroidery

i wanted to show you this beautiful embroidered table runner from hungary that my great-aunt deda sent to me recently.

hungarian embroidery

the stitching is so perfect it’s hard to tell which side is the front and which is the back!

here is a cute picture of some hungarian ladies in the 60’s.

hungarian ladies

the thing i especially love about this picture is their fantastic colorful socks with little bumps knitted into them! where can i get myself a pair of these?!

hungarian socks

they remind me of those candy dots on paper strips.

candy dots!

15 Responses to “hungarian embroidery”

  1. heleen Says:

    Whauw, what a great gift!!

  2. Mary Corbet Says:

    I LOVE the colors. The embroidery on the lace is gorgeous – very nice! Inspirations Magazine recently had an article on working Hungarian lace, but it didn’t really catch me. This piece, however, does – really beautiful stuff!

    I just love those colorful costumes. But what was funny was definitely the socks – I thought of candy dots, too!

  3. Hoopey Says:

    I love this post! Embroidery is gorgeous and love those pics of the gals in their skirts!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    So colorful! I’d like to know what occasion the women are celebrating. Those socks are something.

  5. Naz Says:

    That is a beautiful piece of embroidery! I love the colours used.

  6. Kyra Says:

    I think I could make those socks. If I am successful I will let you know.

  7. Amy Q Says:

    That table runner is unbelievable! So beautiful. Love the socks too!

  8. Dawn Says:

    Wow, it is beautiful!

  9. brook Says:

    That table runner is beautiful!

  10. Lena Says:

    the picture of the dancing girls i fabulous!

    i did a feature about you and your skirts on my blog today – i do like the designs so very much! first i thought i’d wait until i finally had gotten my first skirt (saving up for it), but now i just couldn’t wait any longer. i do hope you like the post, and maybe you’d like to leave a comment?
    here is the link:

  11. katy Says:


    I *did* buy that mushroom as a matter of fact! He is actually a candle holder. The mushroom lifts off and the candle is placed on the stand. When burning, smoke comes out of his mouth and his chimney. Wasting time on ebay last night and I found many other cute wooden, German Christmas items. Just search for “mushroom picker” and up should pop some cuties.

    Also ran across this Woodland card and thought of you.

    Officially done stalking you now :)

  12. Jennifer Says:

    the socks are beyond cool, those ladies really need to open an etsy shop! ;)

  13. Jennifer Says:


  14. Virág Says:

    I have to upset you because these socks can’t be bought any more but my gran used to wear Hungarian clothes but in a different style from the Noth of Hungary HollókÅ‘.
    I asked her if she could “identify” how to make them…. because they used to knit their on stockings also.She said the olny difference is that these ladies attached some felt alls to the stockings.
    I also tried to find which part of Hungarry this was fom but i couldn’t but i found you a stocking form Kalocsa which is more crazy than the above, enjoy:



  15. juney Says:

    I do love the dress in women wearing it look so cute

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