polish pottery skirt

tea time! 

one of my new prints for fall/winter. coming soon! inspired by polish pottery, but i’ll bet you already guessed that! it’s printed on my very favorite fabric, natural unbleached cotton duck. i love everything about this fabric…the little specks in it, the weight and texture of it, and i love the smell of it fresh off the roll before i wash it. it’s the same color as the stoneware so it’s very fitting for the print! i did this one in three colorways…

more colorways!

i hope to have them up on my website next week or the week after…i have a couple more new skirt prints on the way!

(PS-here it is!)

27 Responses to “polish pottery skirt”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I looooooooooooove that fabric! My mother collects Bunzlauer pottery. Do you sell the fabric? Or the skirts? I’d love to get her some!

  2. hannah Says:

    thanks! i should have the skirt up on my website in the next week or two, i just finished the samples yesterday and have a few more things to make.

  3. Stasia Says:

    Sigh. I so want to be a matryoshka and dress in all your pretty, folksy clothes!

  4. tashe Says:

    hee! Now I want to show you MY Polish pottery!!

    Lovely stuff, Hanarchy!!

  5. Celia Says:

    Adore that pottery!!!!!
    Lovely and the fabrics are also soooooo sweet!

  6. joyce Says:

    Love it! And that pic of you in the skirt is a feast of patterns for the eye!

  7. kitschen pink Says:

    Oh that skirt- oh those tights! just a perfect picture! t.x

  8. susan Says:

    oh its gorgeous!

  9. Jennifer Says:

    adorable! i love your kitchen too.

  10. krissy Says:

    Hi, I thought you would want to see this adorable paper doll with your kind of skirts!


  11. nina Says:

    Yay! Such great folklore! I want one…

  12. ash Says:

    Oh My Gosh, I love that skirt with those tights! And that pottery, too!

  13. Nazneen Says:

    What a fantastic picture. Gorgeous new print, love the tights with it too! I l can’t wait to see what else you’ve come up with! x

  14. Stacey Newton Says:

    What an adorable skirt! I just love your blog:) Thanks for being so inspiring…

  15. Mary Corbet Says:

    Oh, gosh! I love this fabric!! I LOVE Polish pottery, too! I bought a table cloth for my sister (also a Polish pottery fan) printed with a Polish pottery pattern, so she could cut it up and use it to make aprons. But FABRIC!! How delightful! And this pattern is So Much Prettier than the tablecloth!!

    And, the skirt is darling!

    Will you be selling the fabric? Or just skirts?


  16. hannah Says:

    i’ll just be selling skirts for now, and probably aprons, but i’d like to be able to offer fabric by the yard in the future.

  17. Nancy Says:

    love the folklore look
    now i’ve got to remember to check back
    my mind is so scattered

  18. Lorraine Says:

    Oh wow, that’s beautiful! I’ve had you on my etsy favorites list FOREVER and just found a link to your blog from allsorts. So glad that I found it 8^)

  19. Laurie A.E. Says:

    Oh man, this is just GREAT!

    I’ve been admiring Polish pottery patterns for a while, and recently picked up a sugar bowl in this pattern with a little cobalt blue bird finial on the lid. Got it for a song … I mean to post it on my blog, just haven’t done it yet.

  20. christine Says:

    hi, absolutely too cute all of it!
    If you wouldn’t mind me bringing up and old post, I saw a pic of some adorable black clogs you painted….where in the world did you get them?!
    they’re beautiful!!!!!(read…I WANT…:) )

  21. Alicia P. Says:

    Lord, that is awesome. I don’t think I ever remembered to write and tell you how much I love my Matryoshka skirt — it’s excellent. You are the best. xo

  22. Cherie Says:

    I LOVE this. I want one for when I sell my Polish Pottery at my little craft shows! So wonderful!

  23. Wendy Propp Says:

    Do you make polish pottery print table cloths?

  24. hannah Says:

    no tablecloths yet, but hopefully in the future!

  25. Carrie Says:

    I really would love this as a curtain for my kitchen! The apron is brilliant! Please inform the world of when you will be selling tablecloths and curtains! I know they will sell! There is a demand for it! :)

  26. Mary Ann Says:

    It’s been a while since any posts were done. Did you get any closer to tablecloth or curtains? I actually have a pattern I’d like to see about getting more fabric in. Please let me know if you do special orders. I just want a runner and cafe curtain tier only.

  27. hannah Says:

    hi mary ann! not yet, but still planning on it. i don’t do special orders.

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