a few exciting tid-bits

first there’s an interview with me that christine just posted on her blog ‘blisschick’. her questions got me thinking about stuff i don’t think about too much, they’re not your average interview questions.

then my friend jen sent me an email with a page from the latest ‘elle’ magazine…look what she spotted! it’s asuka wearing her toadstool skirt!

toadstool skirt in elle magazine!

and in case you’re wondering when i’ll have some new designs, i’m *this* close to finishing up a¬†few new prints…here’s a peek at some of the inspiration…

fall-ish inspiration

5 Responses to “a few exciting tid-bits”

  1. Celia Says:

    Oh, that’s amazing!!! I am sooooo happy for you!!!!!!!
    It has to be so exciting to see yourself in a magazine like that, isn’t it???

  2. Tina Says:

    Hanners! How exciting. I love these random MWLBH sightings! I need to get one of your skirts so someday I will be photographed wearing it and appear in the Enquirer or Star or Us Weekly… ;)
    Hope you’re doing well. Been thinking about you. Teeners

  3. Rachel Says:

    Very cool! You must be beyond excited! I’m off to read the interview!

  4. Rima Says:

    Hello Hannah, what a lovely cluttered inspiring place you have here…
    pleased to stumble across you
    Bests from Scotland

  5. Kitschen Pink Says:

    Oooh! So exciting and so exciting! Me off to read the thought provoking questions too – and your answers of course! t.x

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