just a few more flowers…

my friend nikki gave me a huge stash of fancy patterned ric rac a while ago, so i couldn’t resist trying out a few of these flowers with it. check them out!

fancy ric rac flowers!

fancy ric rac flowers!

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  1. eileen Says:

    I had seen your tutorial on how to make these, and loved it so much I added it to my own blog list. These are adorable! and what a great idea to use up the old ric rac. They are just so cute and clever.

  2. jezzabell Says:

    those are so great, I could not probably make myself to do them but I wish I had at least one so pretty flower, ha!

  3. suzy Says:

    My gosh these are fubulous, what a great way to use these beautiful vintage ric rac trims! Love them!! xo, suzy

  4. Shauna Says:

    I LOVE these! I loved the plain ric rac flowers then saw the patterned ones and love those more! Since I can’t sew I don’t think I would be coordinated enough to shir the ric rac and try and stitch it at the same time since I have no experience with hand stitching or any kind of sewing for that matter! But, who knows, I may just give it a try! Thanks for posting the idea! Shauna

  5. Sam Says:

    these are great! i just love them! this will be one of my “reward experiment” projects i get to do once i get everything done!

  6. angeljoy Says:

    What a fantastic idea! love your blog, by the way. I came here by way of Alicia. (Posy Gets Cozy)

  7. Heidi German Says:

    Hannah, I LOVE these! I have a huge roll of blue rickrack with gold Lurex that is just waiting to be turned into flowers. I tried one last night and it was a little trickier than I thought it would be. How often do you tack it down to the felt backing? It’s hard to tell from the photo and I’m not sure I was doing it right–it felt a bit awkward. Yours look a lot smoother and more even than mine did so that makes me think I did it wrong.

    PS–I wore my toadstool skirt the other day and I LOVE it! :)

  8. hannah Says:

    hi heidi! tack down the bottom of each V as you gather it. so i do one gather stitch and one tack stitch for each V to keep it even. i’m glad you like your skirt!

  9. Joan W. Lowder Says:

    Oh I just love them. They are just so pretty and how original and not at all like I would have thought to put them together. I have old rick rack so may have to try that. Thanks for sharing.

  10. BJ Says:

    I do enjoy the rick rack flowers. And want to make some but…. I think the pom pom in the center makes them look cheep. I remember my mom having a pair of earrings of rick rack.Maybe a button ,chank type,for the center that way you wouldn’t see the holes in the buttons.
    Thank you for the idea !!! BJ

  11. Sonnee McCabe Says:

    These are so great – I have lots of old ric rac that was my mother’s and I haven’t been able to part with it but also didn’t know what to do with it and now I do. Thanks for sharing this information.

  12. Daria Says:

    Thank you for the great tutorial. I thought the solid colored ones were terrific, but I love these with the patterned rick rack. I’m off to see if I have any.

  13. jackie Says:

    I cannot tell you how many pkgs of old rick rack I have from garage sales, auctions and real estate sales. I really never could decide what to dowith them but just could not bear toget rid of them. I really, really like this idea and am planning on using it for a program at my next Quilt Guild workday. Thanks so much for this clever idea.
    P.S. I also have a good friend w/a Feb. birthday. Guess what she is getting.

  14. Catherine Says:

    These are so fantastic, I love them!

  15. Kristina Says:

    TRIMtastic! I made a few for some kids party hat embellishment. LOOOOVE it!

  16. sandra Isaacs Says:


  17. Debbie Farriols Says:

    I saw your rick rack flowers and made a couple for barrettes, one I used a tinker bell button for the center and one I made a goldish color and put brown french knots in the center. Kind of looks like a sunflower. I made another one a little different and made it into a pin for my mom. then I made another version and combined it with rick rack rose buds. Too cute! Thank you for the inspiration!

  18. Mary Ann Says:

    Where do you get vintage Ric rac?

  19. hannah Says:

    you can find it at the thrift store or estate sales

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