new postcards

i just picked up my new postcards from the printers and i’m so excited about them!

i’ve been sending out the old gnome postcards with orders forever, and i will miss them since they’re almost all gone, but iĀ figured it was about time for a new design. i use this picture on my facebook page and it’s my most fave’d photo on flickr so i thought it was a good choice forĀ the new one.

then on the way home i stopped at the 99cent store to pick up a few things and was surprised and excited to find a forest of toadstools there!

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  1. lisa Says:


  2. lisa Says:

    it would seem the Lisas are in agreement

  3. sara Says:

    Hey there Hannah, Love the new postcards. I can’t believe you find all the cool things like those mushrooms at the .99 cent store! Thanks for sharing.

  4. hannah Says:


    they had red mushrooms at the one near my house a couple of weeks ago, i had to get them all. i need to take some pictures with those!

  5. Ariel Grimm Says:

    Hehe, they had them at my 99 cent store too, I bought a bunch for my windowsill!

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