a few things i’ve crocheted…

since i finally learned how to crochet.

first i made myself a little kerchief. i just crocheted until i liked the size and put a scallop edge and pom pom ties on. perfect for winter in LA.


then i made this adorable shaker bonnet. i like this pattern alot, i’m going to make another one. it calls for a bicycle clip. i’ve seen that mentioned in a couple of vintage crochet patterns, and i’m guessing it helps hold the bonnet onto your head. do you know what it is?


then i made jennifer’s mighty oak scarflette, i made it a little more scarf and a little less ‘lette by adding another row to the branch.


and i liked it so much i’m making a birch version. need to sew the leaves on the branch sometime soon…


then i started making these poppies and couldn’t stop.


they’re supposed to be made with rug yarn and be a potholder, but i wanted to make them with regular yarn and sew a row of them together to make a scarf. but they were so much fun i couldn’t stop making them. i’m thinking it would be cute to sew them together into a poppy field bedspread! perfect to fall asleep on…

14 Responses to “a few things i’ve crocheted…”

  1. linda p Says:

    it’s all so lovely! I’m so happy you learned to crochet, you have such a great sense of color and style and are sure to inspire more newbies. xoxo.

  2. hannah Says:

    thank you linda for being one of my inspirations to learn how!!

  3. celenajustine Says:

    OH my goodness all the pretties! So wonderfully photographed too! I really adore that little Shaker bonnet- I will have to check your shop and see if you’re making them for sale…..

  4. Jenny Says:

    You know you make me want to vomit, right? STOP BEING SO AWESOME! PS: I love you

  5. Elena Says:

    What pattern did you use for the poppies? They’re lovely!

  6. hannah Says:

    celenajustine, i don’t think i’ll be crocheting anything to sell, but who knows…it’s pretty fun!
    elena, the poppy pattern was in an 80’s crochet book i borrowed from my boyfriend’s mom but i can’t remember the name of it…it was a simple pattern though, the black center is a flat circle, and then the red part is 3 rows but the circle is increased (almost double, i think) in each row so it folds over on itself. i love it, i think they really look poppy-like!

  7. Alicia Says:

    I love the idea of a poppy bedspread! They would also make adorable brooches to sell on your site… hint hint.

  8. Elena Says:

    Thanks for the help!

  9. Christa Says:

    Such adorable creations — very inspiring! My dad used to wear bicycle clips on his trouser legs — they are round, with an open end. I think you are right, in this pattern they seem to put it underneath the front edge of the bonnet to keep it on your head since it’s got no tie. I’ve also seen them used for ear muffs.

  10. Heart Felt Says:

    Wow, these are just beautiful ~ makes me want to crochet too!

  11. sara Says:

    Glad to see you crocheting. Love all the nifty Kitschy items you make.

  12. Supermandy Says:

    A poppy field bed spread would be breath taking! I have a friend whose mother is in love with the Wizard of Oz. Her guest bedroom is filled with vintage Oz collectibles. How adorable would a poppy field blanket be in there?!

  13. Catrina @ Because Mommy Said So Says:

    Do you happen to have the pattern for the shaker hat still? It isn’t on the vintage crochet site any longer, and I just LOVE the look of that bonnet. I’ve been looking for a bonnet that is unisex that I could make for some baby showers coming up, and I would love to make it.
    Thank you!

  14. hannah Says:

    hi catarina! the pattern is still there, but the website has a bunch of ads that have to load first so give it a little time and it will show up, it is very slow (and even though it may say the page is done loading, it’s really not!) if you still can’t get it i will try to copy it and email it to you.

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