pixelated penn dutch

lately i’ve become enamored with this pixelated style of folky graphics. they’re supposed to look like a cross stitch sampler, but it reminds me of old fashioned computer graphics, or being bored in math class and coloring in the squares of graph paper with one of those big retractable ballpoint pens that had 5 or 6 colors in it. do they still make those? i couldn’t find any online, but they were pretty popular when i was in elementary school. here are some close-ups of a few things i bought recently for inspiration.

pixelated penn dutch

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  1. Tamera Says:

    They do make those pens! Some of the kids at school discovered them recently and all of their assignments are in a rainbow of colors :)

  2. hannah Says:

    that’s funny! i searched for them online but i didn’t really know what to call them. then i searched through my box of pens thinking i might still have one but i only found a couple of old spirograph pens in pink and orange. i remember my friend christina had one with tons of colors in it…i want to say 10 different colors, but maybe i’m glamorizing it in my memory!!

  3. Ann Says:

    I saw some at our local goodwill a couple of days ago. They were Hello Kitty brand and I think it was 5 colors? Great deal too as they were 4 for $1.00 and I believe these were carried by Target( they get alot of business donations at this particular GW). I will check and see if they still have some tomorrow morning ( and pick up a few for ya ).

  4. amanda Says:

    those are pretty cool dutch pixels!

    cortney bought me one of those multi-colored pens when she was in china last time. it has 2008 olympics on it and has about 10 colors and the rope neck chain and everything. tee hee!

    anyway, what are your thoughts on this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8650365
    i like it!

  5. hannah Says:

    ann, you’re too kind! although i’ll bet they already flew out the door with prices like that!

    amanda, that’s awesome, i’m glad i didn’t just imagine a 10 color one existed…you must look pretty tough wearing it around town on your neck!! that cuckoo print clock is cute, i love the artwork.

  6. dawn Says:

    oooo, must get out the perler beads and make something out of those cool pixelated designs.

  7. Amy W. Says:

    Hi, Hannah! Oh my gosh, those designs are so neat. You’re absolutely right about the old-computer-graphics look- in fact, they all look like an old Atari 2600 game like Pitfall or River Raid! Hmmmm…what would be a good name for a Tyrolean Atari game? I’ll have to think about that.

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