1960’s german fairytale postage stamps

wolf and seven kids stamp germany


snow white stamp germany


red riding hood stamp germany


hansel and gretel stamp germany


sleeping beauty stamp germany

8 Responses to “1960’s german fairytale postage stamps”

  1. Bonney Says:

    I love these!! The colors are fabulous.

  2. freckleface Says:

    Fabulous stamps. I love the colours and images. X

  3. Quinn Says:

    I love the Wolf and the 7 Goats stamps, though I don’t know the story. (Well, I sort of do, now!) I only wish I could convince my does to put on their hats and pick up their rakes and backpacks, and go off to work in the morning ;)

  4. Lucy Says:

    Thanks for sharing, these are awesome!
    What’s happening in the final stamp though? Sleeping Beauty is woken with a kiss, and then the kitchen boy spills the porridge? Am I forgetting part of the story?

  5. Rebekka Says:

    These are truly beautiful!

  6. hannah Says:

    thanks so much for your comments, i’m glad you guys like them!

    lucy, i can’t figure it out either!!! i have to reread it and see what i forgot…totally don’t remember that part!!!!

    quinn, the wolf and the 7 kids was one of my favorites as a kid! read it to your goats!

  7. Carol Says:

    Well, as far as I remember, before Sleeping Beauty fell asleep the kitchen boy had not watched the porridge and the cook was just about to punish him… And when they all woke up again…. the porridge was still cooking…., the cook noticed again ….

  8. susan haugen Says:

    really like these stamps.

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