anybody who likes to make things undoubtedly has unfinished projects. i’m haunted by one in particular that i don’t know if i will ever finish. i’m embarrassed to tell you i started it in 1998, a year after i moved to california.

i had big plans for a glorious sparkling backyard fountain. i started the mosaic with 25 cent plates from the thrift store and a broken mirror. i always have a bunch of projects in the works at any one time, and most of them eventually get finished, but i’m starting to lose hope with this one. some of the pieces are starting to fall off because i never grouted it. i’ve lugged it around for 2 moves, i don’t know if it will make it for the 3rd one. what kind of unfinished projects do you have?

ps- if you are in the LA area and would like to take it off my hands, be my guest!! it’s big and heavy!

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  1. April Moore Says:

    I’m afraid I am very guilty of this one! I recently got rid of almost all my unfinished projects because we are making a big move. It was just pitiful looking back them, so it was really a big relief to let them all go! I always have good intentions! I have just decided I’m a starter, not a finisher…at least when it comes to my craft projects! I think I just like to try things out, to see if I can really do it…most of the time it comes out crooked!

  2. Betty Jo Says:

    I have a worse unfinished mosaic…it’s around the fireplace in my bedroom. It calls to me every day “grout me, grout me”.
    Ten years ago when I was doing it for a living, I mosaiced everything. Now I would be happy never to have to do it again. Good on you for offering yours up to the World!

  3. Christie Says:

    I too lugged my ungrouted wrought iron mosaic table from home to home, even across the whole of Australia from Perth to Sydney. Remarkably, I sold it on ebay before my last move! It is astounding what people will buy!


  4. Care Says:

    I’ve got a closetful of unfinished quilts. I have pizza boxes upon pizza boxes (never used, great for storing!) filled with quilt blocks and partially-finished quilts. I get a good start on one and then get another great idea for a different one, and then it’s all downhill from there. Admittedly, I have been trying to get through them and SAY I can’t start a new project until another one is finished, but… you know. I promise I do finish some of them, though!!

    I think it’s time to let go of the ones that I KNOW I will never be interested in finishing, so they can stop hanging over my head!

  5. Kelley Hart Says:

    I say, FINISH IT! It’s gorgeous and think how much you’ll enjoy it when it’s done. It shouldn’t take too long right? Just keep the center simple. DO IT!

  6. tivogirl Says:

    maybe judysell.com will inspire you


    scroll down the the bowling ball bubbling fountian

  7. jen Says:

    oh, it’s beautiful!

    i understand though about unfinished projects…i can get so excited about one, start it and then it just fizzles out. i have a bunch of dresses and sweaters that i’ve started and not finished. not sure why, maybe b/c i’m lazy, have too much on my mind of the project wasn’t going how i thought it should. or proved to be “too hard.” ;)

  8. rino Says:

    it´s very beautiful!
    i hope you or someoneelse will finish it:-)

    i´ve also thoght of giving unfinished things away on my blog but i don´t know if anyone would be interested…

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