coming soon!

another new print for fall/winter…

ribbon print skirt

inspired by woven ribbon trimsĀ and ric rac. i printed this one in three colorways. coming soon! next week if i can get my act together…

7 Responses to “coming soon!”

  1. dorkas Says:

    eep! i want to make it mine!!

  2. valerie Says:

    I really love your shoes ; where did you buy them ?

  3. hannah Says:

    thanks! i found the shoes at a thrift store for $3!! i think they are from the 70’s.

  4. Mary Says:

    Love the look. Glad to know I have companions upon the tights sportin’ gnome seeking path less followed.

  5. ashley Says:

    Please tell me where you buy your ric rac!

  6. hannah Says:

    hi ashley! mostly i find it downtown. i just buy it when i see it and hoard it!

  7. Lotta Says:

    I adore all your work! I’ll be saving up my pennies for one of those cute skirts!

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