i try not to play favorites, i try to love all of my knick knacks equally, but then there’s pooky. i first met pooky at a thrift store in rhode island over a decade ago. our eyes met from across the room, pooky’s disgruntled stare was too hard to resist…i ran as fast as i could over to the bric-a-brac section…

pooky art

i make pooky artwork, i got myself a pooky tattoo…


i made a giant five foot tall paper mache pooky covered in silk flowers…

big pooky

i even made a custom glitter pooky skee-ball alley with tufted red vinyl sides and super jumbo gold ric rac trim (i like to call it pookee-ball)


so there you have it. my favorite.


6 Responses to “pooky!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Oh my! That rocks! Pooky is beautiful and your obsession…grand!

  2. Amy Says:

    Wow, Pooky is very, very special it seems. Aren’t bric a brac sections the bestest?

  3. Lala Says:

    Man I thought I was the only one with that serious of an obsession! Just a few of the many…


  4. kokoleo Says:

    Ha! This is why I never pass up a trip to the thrift store – what you find can literally change your life!

  5. Laura Irrgang Says:

    This may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!
    I, too, get totally attached to thrift store kitsch.
    That skee ball machine is heavenly.
    Did you spruce up a pre-existing machine, or make this one from scratch?
    I want to see what’s on the front sides of the aisle really bad!!!! What are the colorful things framing the lanes…..roses?
    Do they lights blink?

  6. hannah Says:

    thanks! the skee ball was an original alley that had been gutted, i found it at an arcade store that had a little junkyard out back. i made it so light bulbs across the top and the big heart on top would light up when the balls go in. those are doll faces on the sides of the aisle. they have blinking xmas lights inside them.

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