cat toy

hey, did you know it’s christmas tomorrow? need a last minute gift for your cat?

here is the easiest cat toy ever…well, maybe not as easy as a crumpled up piece of paper, but i don’t know if that would really be classified as a toy.

“somebody” kept pilfering pom poms and pipe cleaners from my craft pile so i came up with this, and it seems to be a hit!

you will need: 2 pom poms, 1 chenille pipe cleaner, awl, pliers

1) poke a hole through the center of the pom poms with the awl  2) stick the pipe cleaner through the holes  3) bend the ends of the pipe cleaner over with the pliers  4) fluff the pom poms  5) throw on the floor


7 Responses to “cat toy”

  1. freckleface Says:

    Great idea and that top photo with the black and white floor plus Mr P Cat and his pompoms is gorgeous. x

  2. hannah Says:

    thanks!!! he really seems to like it!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Our kitties seem to know when I open my craft supply cupboard, even if they are sound asleep. They come running for a pom-pom! Eventually I have to take a yardstick and “swish” out MANY pom-poms from under the furniture. They would love this toy! Too cute! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and Happy 2013!

  4. hannah Says:

    that’s so funny lisa! pom poms are just too hard to resist. happy new year to you, too!

  5. val Says:

    I guarantee my cats will love these, going to break out the stuff today and make some for them!

  6. Mary Hansen Says:

    Your work is absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  7. hannah Says:

    thank you so much mary!

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