fun with glass globs

i picked up a bunch of bags of glass globs at the 99cent store a while ago and decided to use them to spruce up some windows. i used them on the little windows on my front door (except for one square so i can peek out of it)…

inside looking out

it sparkles at night from outside! so pretty!


i also used them on the windows of my computer cabinet…do the printer and scanner really need a view? i love the combination of the shiny glass globs and the dull grout…

shiny and dull

it’s super easy to do-i glued the glass globs to the windows with E6000 and let it dry, then grouted it with a charcoal color sanded grout. i think the dark grout really makes the colored glass pop when the light shines on it. someday i want to do my bathroom window this way.

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  1. Barbara Charles Says:

    ps. love this…with I could do the same door, but I live in a little 50’s ranch…have the door with three windows diagonally at the top. Just can’t decide if the 50’s door could pull it off.

  2. hannah Says:


  3. Donna Hammel Says:

    Barbara, I also have the 50’s three window door that just screams “hey, I”m 60 years old!”. I painted my door first. I will find a frame that completely fits over the 3 windows. Paint the frame the same color as the door. Glue the glass globs to the frame glass. After glue is set, I will attach the frame to my door with 3M command velcro hangers, so I access the windows if I should need to.

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