fun with glass globs

i picked up a bunch of bags of glass globs at the 99cent store a while ago and decided to use them to spruce up some windows. i used them on the little windows on my front door (except for one square so i can peek out of it)…

inside looking out

it sparkles at night from outside! so pretty!


i also used them on the windows of my computer cabinet…do the printer and scanner really need a view? i love the combination of the shiny glass globs and the dull grout…

shiny and dull

it’s super easy to do-i glued the glass globs to the windows with E6000 and let it dry, then grouted it with a charcoal color sanded grout. i think the dark grout really makes the colored glass pop when the light shines on it. someday i want to do my bathroom window this way.

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  1. amypalko Says:

    I absolutely love this! Really beautiful!

  2. NovySan Says:

    Awesome and beautiful! How many globs do you get for 99 cents? What’s the final cost/sq ft.?

  3. Star Says:

    I love this! The un pebbled window looks sort of weird but I understand the reasoning. Awesome idea!

  4. hannah Says:

    thanks! the small globs (1/2″-3/4″) come about 80 pc. per bag, they also had a larger size glob (about 1 1/4″) that has 40 pc. per bag. the windows in the bottom picture are 12″x12″ and use about 300 pieces (small globs)…so i guess it’s a little less than $4/sq. foot, not including the glue and grout.

    star-i know what you mean about the unpebbled window…it bothered me for a while at first but then i guess i just got used to it. i am planning on using the red/yellow globs on it and leaving a small round clear spot for a peephole but i haven’t really decided on the best way to handle it yet. i would love suggestions if anyone has any ideas!

  5. hanna Says:

    Wow, love this project. mosaic-ing things is so fun. just found your blog, I will be back, any creative hannah is a friend of mine! ;-)

  6. Linda Says:

    Wow, it looks great. Regarding the visibility issue in the undone pane, why not install a $10 peephole in the wood below the glass panes? All you need is a drill to install a peephole.

  7. SmilynStef Says:

    What an amazing idea … love the effect.

  8. happy zombie Says:

    Found you via Craft… I love this! Great blog you have too!

  9. dumbledad Says:

    I just found you through the Craft blog too. This is beautiful – well done. I remember my uncle using scraps of sand-worn coloured glass he collected from beaches in Fife to do similar stained glass windows in the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther. The result is less uniform than your work, but still beautiful (I think). I had some photos taken of his windows for mum; they are on Flickr if you are interested …

  10. hannah Says:

    thank you!
    i love your uncle’s mosaics, dumbledad. it must have taken him a long time to collect so many pieces of sea glass! very pretty!

  11. Michelle / Says:

    Looks awesome, Hannah!

  12. Jaime Says:

    Love this! LOVE! I was looking for something to do to the windows of my garage and this is SO the thing!!!

  13. Danielle Says:

    I’m doing this to my front door. Currently there’s a metal grate over the glass. Not for long!

  14. jenn Says:

    Do you see the glue?

  15. hannah Says:

    the glue dries clear, but if you get air bubbles in it you can see the bubbles after it dries. i actually like the way that looks, but if you use the irridescent globs you don’t notice the air bubbles.

  16. Christine Says:

    That’s bee-you-tea-full!!! :) Now I know what to do with my bathroom window…

  17. Kimberly Ann Says:

    Oooh, this idea is great. Love it.

  18. MK Says:

    Where did you get the grout you used at? Any special tips for doing this that would be helpful? I found your project on the Craft Mag website, and LOVE it! Plan on doing this to our bathroom windows so I can get rid of the cafe shutter style thing the previous owners had going on in our bathroom; and allow more light in, but still have it blocked in a way so our neighbors can’t see when we are showering. I have a zillion of those little bead things from my wedding; what a great way to get rid of them!

  19. hannah Says:

    i think you can find charcaol sanded grout at most home improvement stores, or stores that sell tile usually sell grout also. the only tip i have is start from the bottom and work up, if you start from the top they will start sliding down before the glue sets. good luck!

  20. Margo Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    My suggestion would be to install a real peep hole in the door. It’s cheap and easy to do and barely noticeable.

  21. hannah Says:

    thanks! unfortunately i can’t put a peephole in the door because there’s a metal security door in front of it. the bars block alot of the visibility. (i neglected to mention that before!)

  22. Stained Glass Fan Says:

    Wow your pretty creative, I’m guessing you need a pretty steady hand as well.

  23. REGINA Says:

    muito bom!!!!

  24. Jill V Doherty Says:

    what tips do you offer for a beginner on what to use and how whwre do you purchase your glass globs & e6000?
    Jill V Doherty
    please email me info for steps for beginner.

  25. hannah Says:

    hi jill! you can purchase glass globs and e6000 (or any other brand silicone glue for glass would probably work) at a craft store like michaels. i don’t really have any beginner tips, just start gluing and see what happens! that’s what i did.

  26. casey Says:

    this is such a great idea and a neat way to use those marbles. i plan on making one for my in-laws using an old window and spelling out their name.
    it’s really only in the planning stages (i have to chart out the name, etc) but i can’t wait to get started on it. i envision it hanging from a chain on their porch.

  27. Bob McEwen Says:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing ?

  28. Pam Says:

    Love this window ‘marbling’ idea!
    Just a quick note about the door peep – they make them in 200 degree views, so the security door bars are really not an issue. You would actually see MORE than what you see straight out your window now, so safety wise it is better; and will also be more aesthetically pleasing to have all the windows ‘marbled’, too!
    Here’s just one website, where for @ $5 you can pick one up; or just get one at your local hardware store:

    (former Project Manager in the Commercial Door/Frame/Hardware industry!)

  29. Alesia Says:

    LOVE this! I found this while ‘bing’-ing glass globs. I just read about someone doing their bathroom floor with these. Has anyone out there tried that? I have a teeny-tiny bathroom where I think this would work fabulously – and now that I’ve seen your post, I’m thinking the little teeny-tiny skinny window in there could use the same treatment! Bravo!

  30. Larry Brown Says:

    Cool use of the globs on the windows. I think I might try Casy’s idea about the free hanging window. I teach glass arts and have found many great ways to use the globs from stained glass to glass fusing. One project that is really easy is to glue pictures to the back of the globs and make refrigerator magnets out of them. The shape of the globs magnifies the picture for a cool effect. I just print out small pictures on the computer, put a small amount of e6000 on the back of the glob and press it onto the photo. After it dries, you can trim off the excess paper with an exacto knife and then glue on the magnet.

  31. Brittany Says:

    I am going to try this for our front door! Awesome! I do have two questions. Did you just simply glue the ones on the entry door windows? And you glued them from the inside?

    Thanks! Such a great Idea!!!!

  32. hannah Says:

    hi brittany, yes, and yes! i’m glad you like it!

  33. Kristi Says:

    I love these pics!! I am in process of doing my bathroom window right now. If I could stop gluing my fingers together I think things would move along more quickly!! LOL! How fast does it take for the e6000 to dry?

  34. Jodie Says:

    Love it! I have an idea for the “undone” window: what if you were to find/make a tiny little frame that sits inside and use jewelery box type hinges the same colour as the other hardware to attach it? Maybe use a plexiglass to keep it lighter. Make a little “door” that you can open and peek out of. Put a cute little knob on it, and it becomes a “fairy” door ;).

  35. Laura Says:

    HEY! They also sell different size/shaped blobs also…I do this sort of thing all the time, and i even buy premade concrete stepping stones and put them on there along with broken pieces of ceramic tiles. E6000 is the absolute best glue for these also (if you want to do the concrete stepping stone dont use E6000, use concrete patch to glue them on)
    If you plan to use it somewhere with high humidity I recommend using a sealer for the grout after you’ve finished the window.
    I’m not sure about using them on a floor mainly because they are SLICK, especially if you have wet feet from a shower…just a thought. No reason not to use them around your bathroom mirror tho ;)

  36. Laura Says:

    Here’s a trick, E6000 gets thicker as it cures, I put it on the bottom of the glass blobs and let them sit while I put glue on the rest, I did this because at the time my very first project was covering a glass candle holder and the curved glass along with gravity was working against me! Doing a window tho I would do as someone said before, start at the bottom of the window and use blobs that have had glue on them for a few minutes to help them stick. If they continue to slide you can always get a piece of cardboard and tape it from one side of the window to the other to hold them against the pane until they get used to being there lol.

  37. Jean Says:

    I love this, but I wonder if you even need to grout? How does it look without the grout. Would the pebbles fall off ya think?

  38. Gina Says:

    what you ought to do with that window in the door that is “unpebbled” is cut a piece of plexiglass to fit in that space and pebble THAT to match and then you can stick it in so it matches but you can pull it out to look out the door when you need to peek! you could probably attach a nice little handle on the back that would blend into the door (drawer pull hardware) and put a couple of small wire brads into the door on the other end so you “slide” the little pane into place from one side and then push back to close…. at least that is how I’d do it

  39. Maisah Says:

    This is just beautiful! Ty for sharing…

  40. Kathy Hodges Says:

    Love this! For the small peep window…I would try to put the pebbles in the shape of n eye, leaving some openn areas. Even clever just leaving it clear.

  41. Mechelle Lawrence Says:

    Love the idea…doing a full door may cause problems with the weight of all the glass and grout….maybe one could reinforce with larger hinges.

  42. Annette Says:

    in your front door mini windows.. did you grout those too?
    It looks like its just all glass globs. I love it!
    Ive always liked the door in Disney at Rockin Roller coaster. I dont know where to find the grid or how to make it weather proof. I guess it would have to be an inside door…
    They use marbles and some sort of plastic grid to hold them in

  43. Samantha Says:

    I’ve never used grout before. So, you glue all the pebbles on THEN grout? How do you grout it exactly….what’s the exact process?

  44. hannah Says:

    thanks for your comments and suggestions, i’m glad you like it! i did grout the mini windows too. you could probably do it without grout, i just think the grout looks nice and it fills in the gaps between the globs. you can buy grout at the hardware store and follow the application instructions on the package.

  45. jennifer mccoy Says:

    i want to try a 9 pane glass door in my bathroom but i don’t want to grout.

    has anyone tried using a clear epoxy to seal the gems?

  46. Terri Says:

    Absolutely love this idea!!! What does the the back side of the glass that doesn’t have the glass globs look like or did you put the glass globs on both sides of the door?

  47. sherry Says:

    Habitat for humanity would have grout cheaper then hardware store and the money goes to help the needy. Love the windows. I think the little door idea is a good one. I am going to do this on the bottom window in my bathroom

  48. person online Says:

    I love this idea, ive been wanting to do something like this on my windows but i did not want to do it permanantly in case i decided i wanted normal glass later, however reading through your comments i saw the one about doing this on the plexiglass and fitting it on, That is an excellent idea and i have that already, Just need to cut it to fit and thanks for sharing :)

  49. Melissa Says:

    Hannah, this is awesome!

    For your peephole – simply leave a hole or two where a clear stone would have gone. The clear “hole” will still work in the design (though you’ll have to be careful grouting) and you can see out through it if you put your eye to it.

    You can even make a tube of card stock and grout around it, to make sure the opening is roughly the size and shape of a glass glob, then take the card off once the grout dries! ;)

  50. Mark Says:

    I’m amazed that the grout bonds to the glass window pane.

    For the peep hole, you can buy the kind that go into doors, like a motel room door. you may want to get one of those and grout it in as you would the glass pieces. It would give you a wide angle view of the outside instead of just a straight ahead look.

  51. Holly Says:

    I’m headed to the thrift store to get a cheap frame with glass so I can give this a try. I love it!!!!!!

  52. Beth Says:

    I have a foggy lower window in my bathroom and I would love to do this on that pane. It is on the same wall as the bath tub and the shower. How do you think this would hold up in a situation where it would be on the wall that would be behind the shower curtain? It would get moisture indirectly and possibly directly. Could it hold up without grout or would I have to grout? What an absolutely fantastic idea. Thank you so much!!!!!

  53. hannah Says:

    thanks beth! i think it would hold up better with grout if it is going to be in contact with moisture.

  54. Tammy Says:

    I’m wondering if I could do something like this on ugly cabinet doors?? Ever try it on something other than glass?

  55. hannah Says:

    the thing about doing it on glass it that the light shines through it. i’m sure you could do it on a door with no glass but it wouldn’t be as luminous.

  56. Anita Says:

    did you use grout on all of them including your front door

  57. hannah Says:

    yes i used grout on all of them

  58. Suzanne Says:

    I heart these glass globs! They have been my DIY obsession for the past year. Didn’t think to do a window..ohhh joy! (((:
    I happen to love that you left one clear window in your front door. It says..”I can still see you” and adds even more whimsy.
    Uniform is blah.
    Well done!(:

  59. hannah Says:

    thank you suzanne!

  60. Sherry Says:

    Wonderful idea & beautifully executed! I am going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. It is contagious.

  61. Brenda Fisher Says:

    what a fun project! On a larger window, would the glass buttons and grout be too heavy for the glass and break it? I made a window for my patio and it cracked. Just curious if you’d experienced that. Thanks!

  62. hannah Says:

    hi brenda! i have not tried it on a large window. i have not had any problems with cracking on the windows i have done.

  63. Liza Says:

    love this idea, I have an old inside door to my living room with 2 long glass panels in it, I wanted to replace the plane glass with stained glass but it’s far too expensive, this idea is a much cheaper but unique way of getting the stained glass look, thank you.

  64. Sheryl Carrerow Says:

    Hannah, you have inspire me..and so many! I will be using the glass gobs in frames to decorate my beach wedding. Thank you.

  65. Doreen Says:

    Love this idea! I have seen posts that you can make magnets with the glass gems. This is great. Almost like stained glass!

  66. Desarae Says:

    I love this idea! I want to do it on the upper part of my kitchen window in place of a curtain. I love the sunlight, but need to help keep out the heat of it! I wonder can I glue them on and not grout it? Thanks

  67. Irene Says:

    Beautiful!! But how does the other side look? Do the gobs of glue show?

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