knotholes and critters

ever since i saw these adorable embroideries on etsy (and bought them right away, of course!) i’ve wanted to make a knothole skirt.

then i found a few more at thrift stores, and the little mouse one on etsy again.

i’ve only seen these 4 designs. have you seen any others?

when i first moved into my house, there was a big dead tree in the back yard. it had been there for many years, it was mostly hollow. every time we got a lot of rain, another limb would fall off.  it was my favorite feature of the yard until it completely toppled over in a big  rainstorm a few winters ago.

one year a couple of woodpeckers raised their family in it. they pecked out a perfectly round hole for a doorway. the next year it was home to a family of squirrels. they were so cute, one day i tossed out some stale tortillas and they brought  them up to the top branch and lined them up in a row.  so funny!

3 Responses to “knotholes and critters”

  1. Amara Says:

    What a lovely series of knothole-dwelling cuties…I hope you find the Bees with their honeycomb in the tree soon. I’ll bet they’re out there somewhere. Thanks for sharing your treasures Hannah!

  2. hannah Says:

    bees in a knothole would be perfect! i do hope they’re out there somewhere.

  3. Ayana Says:

    Love love love the owl design!

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