ric rac cabinet & other workroom pics

remember a couple of months ago when i was cleaning out my workroom?  i snapped a few pics because i didn’t know how long all my hard work would last, and i wanted to preserve it. here are some of the photos. let me warn you that i need constant visual stimulation while i work!

i really started writing this because i wanted to show you one of my favorite workroom features, my ric rac cabinet…

it’s full…

it was a CD/DVD wall cabinet from ikea. it’s great because it only sticks out about 7 inches from the wall, and it’s attached directly onto the wall so it looks like a built-in. the shelves flip down to open and it’s just right for holding all those big spools of ric rac.

18 Responses to “ric rac cabinet & other workroom pics”

  1. Betty Jo Says:

    Gorgeous. Sun glasses alert required!

  2. deb hurlburt Says:

    Once again you blow me away by all of your charm and style. I LOVE your taste and I will be cleaning my studio soon, thanks for always inspiring.

  3. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    So this is where the magic happens!! :)

  4. Jenna K Says:

    Its like a candy store!

  5. Missy Says:

    Jenna is right…it does look a candy store!

  6. tess Says:

    this is SOOO amazing! omg. I’m literally melting!
    where abouts are you based?
    and how do you keep it so clean??

    I’m kitschy ornament and toy obsessed… my gosh, you are my hero!

  7. hannah Says:

    thanks ladies!
    i like it nice and bright to keep me awake during those long nights of sewing!
    tess, it’s not normally this organized. that’s why i had to take some photo evidence!

  8. pollyanna Says:

    If the Madonna Inn had a craft room (and WHY DOESN’T IT?), this would be it! Absolutely amazing.

  9. dorre Says:

    oh yummy. that was so fun. thanks for the tour.

  10. Heidi Says:

    If I could marry your craft room, I would.

  11. liz noonan Says:

    holy moly! that is one faaaantastic room!

  12. amanda Says:

    that’s some BIG poppin’ color you have there! :)

  13. Meg Says:

    I am inspired just thinking about sitting in this room.

  14. jungle dream pagoda Says:

    Goodness gracious!!! so much delicious-ness to pour through!!!
    What a delightful workplace excuse me while I spend the next hour looking at your goodies!!!

  15. Jus Shar Designs Says:

    Oh my word….these pics are good enough to frame. LOVE the colors!

  16. Holly Says:

    You’re workroom (and your blog) are so inspiring. If I stayed in one city for more than a year, I would love to have a workroom like yours!
    All the best.

  17. annamgarza Says:

    I love the cabinet spaces you have created. I often go junking and see allot of kitchen cabinets and it gave me the idea to pick them up and refurbish them and use them for my sewing. Thanks!

  18. Garden Of Daisies Says:

    Oh my goodness, your room is so inspirational and fun!! Love it!

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