toasty blankets

i’ve been finding the best wool blankets at the thrift stores this winter…

stripes and plaids

florals, my favorite

i love the worn satin bindings

classic camp stripes with a teeny tiny monogram…B.B.

 and fringed plaid and stripes from oregon and sweden



3 Responses to “toasty blankets”

  1. CN Heidelberg Says:

    I can’t even sleep without a wool blanket with the satin bindings. I love them so much.

  2. hannah Says:

    i know, me too! i just put out a bunch of wool blanket dryer lint for the birds so everyone around here can enjoy them!

  3. Sharon Says:

    if all else fails.. you can always felt them. Wool blankets with the satin fringe bring me back to my childhood and cool fall nights.

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