painted clothespins

hi there! it’s been a while!

i saw these cuties online and had to make some…

spray painted, then handpainted and clear coated.

now, before you start to question my sanity, let me tell you i already did that when i started to paint clothespins (clothespins? for crying out loud, what am i doing? i don’t have the time for this!!) but then i figured, i use them all the time and they look really pretty, so why the heck not? i had a tiny bit of spraypaint left over from a patio chair project, so the clothespins were a perfect way to use up the last few drops in the can. it really didn’t take much time to paint them. i didn’t think hanging out the laundry could be any more fun than it already is! (imagine how cute they look in a dirndl clothespin bag!!)

in my typical obsessive fashion, i painted more clothespins than i really need. yeah, i painted 100 of them…so i’m giving the bunch in the photo away. (if you’d like them, leave a comment and i’ll pick a name tomorrow morning.)

i kept my design fairly simple because i’m not good at decorative painting, but i want to do more of it. i would love to paint something like this bench one day. recently i bought myself this book on tole painting. i like the ‘heritage crafts today’ series, i also have the hex sign painting book from the series, and a couple of others still on my wishlist.

52 Responses to “painted clothespins”

  1. angela white Says:

    really cute – and you should paint more..they are great!!

  2. Tina Says:

    These are very cute! I think you should make some more!

  3. Krissy Says:

    I did a similar clothespin project years ago. But, I hand painted them with acrylics and then decorated. You way seems better and yours are way cuter! I think they’re really great!

  4. Boney Says:

    I like yours even better than the ones you linked to. They are VERY cute!

  5. Holly Says:

    They are the greatest! Perfect for a bavarian summer washline. Would love!

  6. Tai Says:

    Wowza! What a great idea to use up spray paint… though getting some in the mail would be nice too!

    Must try!

  7. Fae Says:

    Cute! It’s always better to make something mundane into something that can brighten your day. Glad to see you posting again, too! :)

  8. .: gardenmama :. Says:

    They are absolutely fabulous!
    I would love love to win, thank you for the chance! : )

  9. emma Says:

    Love those, so cute!

  10. Melissa Says:

    These are so awesome I could fall down! A perfectly sane craft idea…

  11. Mary Beth Says:

    Lovely! Just lovely! :)

  12. Melissa Says:

    I would use them. I dream of having a clothesline.

  13. Ashley Says:

    Those are so adorable!! Would make laundry day much more cheerful and dare I say fun?!

  14. Lorene Shaw Says:

    Ooooo! If I win them I won’t have to paint my own! Love them!

  15. Marie Says:

    Those are adorable! I should make some while I still have tons of time on my hands.

  16. quinn Says:

    What perfect colors and designs! I can certainly see how hanging out the laundry would be more fun with those cheery clothespins :)

  17. Christine Says:

    These are so wonderful! What an awesome idea :)

  18. Stacey Says:

    I love clothespins, even when they aren’t decorated. These are wonderfully cute!

  19. amy Says:

    Adorable! I have a clothesline, and we use clothespins for closing bags/chips/frozen food/etc. If I don’t win any, I guess I’ll have to make my own!!

  20. Pearl Says:

    Yay! I LOVE clothespins. We use them for all sorts of things around the house and these would be perfect!

  21. Jessie Says:

    Oh my goodness — adorable!

  22. Tams Says:

    These are really delightful! Love the colours so so much.

  23. Julie Says:

    Ooo-I love them. Something so beautiful for something so mundane (hanging laundry).

  24. Susie Says:

    I love them! I don’t think you are crazy at all. I can think of zillions of uses for a set of painted clothespins. My grandma dabbled in tole painting but she sold all her painted creations so none of them came to me. Happily, I did get her needlework.

  25. strikkelise Says:

    Wow, that is fantastic! The green ones are especially cool. You could turn that into a side business in your shop.

  26. alison Says:

    Wow….wow….wow….these have brightened my day…..a beautiful smiling sea of colours….you are very clever….i am inspired! would love them on my clothes line xxx

  27. liz noonan Says:

    these would be great for hanging kids artwork, too! i love them!

  28. Amy Says:

    So cute! They’d make great fridge magnets, too.

  29. Jenny G. Says:

    Those are super cute! What a fun idea, and they would make cute girly gifts, too! Now I just have to find some time to paint! And your colors are great!

  30. CN Heidelberg Says:

    Oh my goodness, those are adorable.
    You should pick me because I hang all my laundry to dry. I don’t live in Bayern though…but I do live by the Odenwald…:)

  31. ib Says:

    these are so cute!!!!!!

  32. Jane S Says:

    Super cute! I was thinking of making some too… much cuter than the plastic chip clips! :-)

  33. hannah Says:

    thanks so much for all of your lovely comments, i’m glad you like them!! and i’m so glad you don’t think i’m crazy for painting clothespins. i really did feel like i was goin a little shack wacky! but they are quite fun and relaxing to paint, after a little more painting practice i might make some more and offer them on my website.
    the randomly selected clothespin recipient is pearl!
    thanks so much again you guys!!

  34. Jess Says:

    Those are so cute! I’ve painted clothes pins too! It makes using them so much more fun.

  35. freckleface Says:

    I know I’m too late for the giveaway, but thought I would comment anyway. They are great. I love it when everyday useful items are beautiful. It makes doing the jobs you use them for much MUCH more enjoyable! :)

  36. lisa Says:

    Fabulous! Those will make hanging laundry and special event! So glad to see you posting again.

  37. Ann C Says:

    Very fun..makes me want to yodel :)

  38. Mischka Says:

    Wow, you did a fabulous job! So simple and elegant!

    I saw clothespins shaped like birds the other day at World Market for $10, and I almost bought them.

    Then I remembered I live in an apartment and don’t have a clothesline, and am trying to save money. *sigh*

  39. Mariz Says:

    So cute like all your stuff, I’m still saving up:)))

  40. Elisa Says:

    Super cute! Only just discovered your site and I’m hooked! Totally inspirational :)

  41. Sharon Says:

    they are so cute and sanity is highly overrated!

  42. Tammy C. Says:

    Love them! Need them to satisfy my “happy”!

  43. queen-of-denial Says:

    These are ADORABLE!!!

    Now im going to have to make some. Thanks for the idea. :D

  44. Antje Cobbett Says:

    Cute, absolutely cute! But I simply can’t paint! So I just thought maybe I make my own clothespins using serviette technique (Decoupage). Then I can decorate them as well – love it! Thanks for the great post!

  45. hannah Says:

    thanks! but i’ll bet you could paint these, if you can make a dot with a paintbrush you can paint these!

  46. Lorene Says:

    I love your July 11 response, Hannah. Of course, they’re just dots! Suddenly, I feel I can make some!

  47. hannah Says:

    yes! make some!

  48. Lisa Says:

    Love these! They make great chip bag clips and if you put a magnet on the back you can use it to hang up notes and stuff on the fridge too!

  49. Mary Busch Says:

    I’ve made reindeer ( necklace and earrings ) with mini clothespins but, you can’t use them on the line. Also I get to show them off in the winter only. (Christmas)
    Yours are so very unique! Love them, gotta make some! Thanks bunches
    Mary B

  50. JUliann Matey Says:

    i would love to learn this Tole painting how do I get started ….book and etc………juliann

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