it doesn’t take much figurin’ to figure out that i like toadstools, mushrooms and most cute fungi. a lot. here is a little sampling of specimens i found growing around the house.


those little wooden toadstools hold tiddly winks.

more mushrooms!

i found these in the back yard after the rain a few days ago!

wild mushrooms!

i also love to eat mushrooms. a lot. i’m not much of a cook, i just sautee them in a little olive oil. one tasty dish i like to make is mac & cheese with sauteed mushrooms and garlic. mmmm. if you have any quick and easy mushroom favorites, let me know!

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  1. amanda Says:

    hey, i was recently taking pics of some of my mushroomy things too :)
    i want to photo some of my different small collections…. :)
    i like your ‘shrooms!

  2. hannah Says:

    yeah, mushrooms are pretty darn cute, i want to see your pics! i have been coveting these cute mushroom shelves over here

  3. amanda Says:

    yes, those shelves are great. drool drool. i bought the little mushroom magnets from there. that shop is full of cute stuff.
    i’ll put my pics on flickr when i’m set.

  4. Ann Says:

    Hi Hannah!
    We sometimes stand some mushrooms on their “heads” ( so that the stems are sticking up) and set them on a baking sheet or pan. Take a dab of butter and schmear it on the part where the gills would be ( good grief, I think I need a botany book here!) though I understand that if the gills are showing your mushrooms may be heading a bit on the not so fresh side… anyhoo have your oven heated but before you stick them in sprinkle them with soy sauce . Cook till heated through and enjoy!

  5. hannah Says:

    thanks, that sounds easy and tasty! (everything is tasty with butter on it) i will have to try it. hmm, i’m getting hungry now…

  6. Courtney Says:


  7. Alice Says:

    I LOVE MUSHIES SOOO MUCH! I have quite a large collection like yours but most of all i want to know where i can find a pattern for knitting mushrooms as i have searched all over for one – any advise? *S*M*I*L*E*S* :D

  8. hannah Says:

    hi alice! there are some free knitting patterns for mushrooms available here

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