stuffed mushrooms and escargot

 stuffed mushrooms and escargot

i made this while procrastinating…like i need another mushroom-y thing around the house! i was thinking how nice a toadstool pillow would look nestled with the log pillows on the sofa. i made this using the pattern from my toadstool doorstops. i enlarged it 150% and took in the top of the stem a little bit before sewing it to the cap. it’s about 14″ high and 9″ wide. i stuffed it with leftover scraps from making skirts. skirts i should have been sewing instead of making this.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Adorable! I love it!

  2. Summer Says:

    Oooh…another thing to add to the list! Good thing I have a bunch of leftover red and white felt left over from xmas stockings!

  3. Carrie Says:

    It is lovely! And I’m sure it looks fab with the log pillows. =)
    I just found a red cashmere sweater at Goodwill, how nice would that be for a mushroom cap?? The wheels are turning… =)

  4. larissa Says:

    that’s totally awesome. love the snails. also, I love your boots.

  5. Shelley Noble Says:

    Adorable. I love it and your cute pompommed socks!

  6. nathalie Says:

    soo i love my skirt! i posted a picture of me wearing it on my blog! hope that will bring you some extra business! that mushroom is sooooo cute!!!!!!!

  7. val Says:

    never have enough mushrooms!

  8. Kellyk Says:

    Hi there– this is so adorable I am going to have to make some mushrooms straight away! I love your blog!
    Question for you:
    This mushroom looks pretty different from your toadstools…you mentioned that you enlarged the pattern and tapered the stem at the top– did you do anything else differently? It looks like there are vertical seams all around the stem? Any other tips?
    Thank you so much?

  9. hannah Says:

    thanks! there are a couple of vertical seams on the stem where i tapered it but most of the lines you see are just decorative stitching. i also added stitching lines on the underside of the mushroom cap, i think it makes it a little more interesting. i stitched on the big dots from felt and the small ones are tiny pom-poms. i would love to see a picture if you make one!

  10. Kellyk Says:

    Hanna, thank you so much for your prompt reply and for the additional details!! I cannot wait to start making this mushroom for my baby girl’s nursery (she is due in July)…bought the off-white and red felt yesterday! I will certainly send you a picture if what I make is at all presentable. :D Thanks again for sharing such an adorable project with us all!!

  11. Irini Kourakou Says:

    Good evening from Greece. I am interesting to bye this beautiful mushroom without the escargot! I would like to know the price in euros including the shipping! Please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you in advance for your response!

  12. hannah Says:

    hi irini! i don’t sell them, but i have a free pattern you can download to make one here you can just stuff it instead of making it with the container.

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