tree stump

okay, i’m starting to think i might have a problem. remember that giant sequin mushroom that was supposed to be cute little mushrooms? i saw this cute little tree stump trivet project from martha on one pretty thing and i really wanted to make one. then i got the idea to make a giant one and use it as a rug! supersize it! wouldn’t that look great with those velveteen logs! i remember seeing this rug a while ago and liking it alot.

i think i will need a ton of felt strips to make a big one…

felt strips...

i started it last night, so far it’s 6½” across. i ran out of glue, i’ll have to go get another bottle or two.

stump so far...

i would like to make it about 30″ wide and put it in front of the front door.  i might get sick of doing it before i get that far. i think i will just keep making it bigger and bigger until i lose my mind and then put the bark on it. i’ll show you how it comes out when i finally finish it!

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  1. linda p Says:

    I love how it looks so far! If it gets tiring wrapping all of the strips into one big circle, how about making several smaller circles of varying sizes and gluing them together into a mat? you could even expirement with different colors of felt for each circle.

    have fun!

  2. hannah Says:

    thanks linda! i would look really cute to have a bunch of smaller ones grouped together. i just might end up doing something like that instead! or maybe in addition to. uh oh!

  3. momwithahook Says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I could totally see myself doing this if I had the time and ambition. :) Wow, I wonder how much glue it will take you to do the entire project? I can’t wait to see how it all comes out because it will definately Rock.

  4. claire Says:

    You GO! I admire your gumption.

  5. Summer Says:

    Perfect! I know, I’ve been in love with “that rug” too! But, it’s too spendy for me…so this may be juuuust right! Okay, I’m assuming that that’s a machine that cuts the pieces into strips (I’m so not knowledgeable when it comes to machines)…that would be much easier than cutting the strips by hand! Or, I suppose I could cut and glue a few strips a day until I have a rug….like a year-long project or somesuch!

    Great idea!

  6. adrienne Says:

    what is that machine?

  7. hannah Says:

    it’s an industrial cloth cutter, you can cut a 11/16″ stack of fabric with it.

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