new year, new calendar

every year it’s the same old dreaded calendar hunt for me. i want something cute and smallish (but not too small) and the calendar part has to have the traditional square boxes big enough so i can write reminders to myself in them.

this year instead of hunting for one, i decided to make one myself. there are lots of free downloadable calendar templates floating around online. i modified one to the size and color i wanted and made the type a little more fun. then i added one of my knick knack images to it. the finished size is about 7 5/8″x11″, the calendar pages are 7 1/8″x5 1/8″.

i made this one for the kitchen…

kitchen calendar

calendar pages

and this one for my workroom…

workroom calendar

want to make one yourself? you can download the calendar pages here!

print out the first page (with december on it) on cardstock and the rest of the calendar pages on regular paper. if you have adobe illustrator, you can open up the first page in that and place your image in before printing it out, otherwise just add your image later by gluing it on.

trim the january through november calendar pages at the crop marks and stack them in order.

cut calendar pages

i trimmed about 3/8″ off of the left and right sides of the december page. place the stack of calendar pages on top of december and staple at the upper corners…

staple calendar pages

then add your image! the space on top is just right for a 5″x7″ picture. glue it into place. you could also use a swatch of your favorite fabric or a cute piece of vintage wrapping paper, anything that tickles your fancy!

glue your favorite picture on!

9 Responses to “new year, new calendar”

  1. hortencia Says:

    This is lovely. What a great idea. I’m really picky too so I can never come around to choosing something that I really like.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh great idea, I’ll be linking! I love your heart photo!!!

  3. Tausendschoen Says:

    ooooooh i love it love it love it….like all big girls stuff you make *ggg*
    much love from germany, silke

  4. Meg Says:

    Thanks for sharing!!! I was just thinking about doing this myself, thanks for doing it for me!

  5. SummerSadie Says:

    That’s a great idea. I have the same problem finding a calendar that has everything I want, but not too much extra, and the right size, etc.

  6. Dee Says:

    I love this, ty for posting it!
    I love your kitchen the kitschy things mushrooms and citrus…. u know back in the day i didn’t like that stuff as a teen… now, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL everything old is new again.. always stands true!!! wish i could see the rest of your kitchen… ooo maybe a pic of the rest of it sometime?? :)
    ty again! love it!

  7. Annette Says:

    This is a great calendar! I have the same trouble every year too.

  8. Marian Says:

    I found this just in time! ….. For friends who are travelling around Australia in a caravan, this will be the perfect gift for them to hang in the caravan. I will paste a large photo of their family and friends outside their home on the top and staple on the months from March (they will be away 10 months).
    Thankyou so much….I really appreciate this!!!
    Cheers, Marian

  9. GINA Says:


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