a couple of cute flea market finds

my friend and i went to the pasadena city college flea market last weekend. we got there kind of late and people were already packing things up, but i picked up a few cute goodies…

a clock for my kitchen. the lady totally lied and told me she plugged it in and it worked but it didn’t. i was able to use the clockworks from my old clock after a little drilling and gluing and cutting. they are both by general electric so the set-up was similar.

kitchen clock

a sweet little painting from bavaria, it says 1950 on the back.

cute bavarian girl

and this lovely tea towel that i couldn’t stop looking at. it looks hand printed. i had to buy it for the inspiration.

pretty vintage tea towel

9 Responses to “a couple of cute flea market finds”

  1. Alice Says:

    I love that clock! I also like how all of the colors go together.

  2. hannah Says:

    i know, it looks like i have a theme going here! i was pretty excited about the clock, it looks perfect in the kitchen.

  3. Meg Says:

    Very cute! I wish I could walk away from a flea market with great finds like that!

  4. hannah Says:

    usually i’m not so lucky!

  5. Sarah Says:

    That painting is adorable! So very Hannah!!! :) xo

  6. ismoyo Says:

    What a wonderful clock! And how great that you managed to fix it and get it to work!

  7. shannon Says:

    Great finds. Do you have to pack and rotate some of your great stuff or do you have it all out? Love the t-towel, can’t wait to see what you create!

  8. hannah Says:

    haha! i should probably rotate it but i have it all out. i need lots of visual stimulation!!

  9. Patty Says:

    After seeing your great finds, (I love that towel), I realize I need to go to the Pasadena City College flea market now. Also, thanks for the calendar! I just printed it out and now I’m off to find a picture for it.

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