coming really soon…

for you lovely ladies patiently waiting for the a-line version of the dutch treat skirt, look what i printed yesterday, a-line artwork! sewing and photographing next week!!

also, take a peek at sarah’s ‘house calls’ interview with me on her blog,¬†Apothecary Fox, and while you’re there make sure to check out all of her other artist interviews!

2 Responses to “coming really soon…”

  1. heatherjoy Says:

    oh my! you made my day- i cannot wait to order the a-line version. now i have to go sell some stuff this weekend to get “secret money”-hahaha. have a great Friday and thanks a million for remembering us “junky-trunk” ladies who love how flattering your a-lines are. :) heatherjoy

  2. hannah Says:

    you’re so funny heatherjoy! i finally added it to my website here

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