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I just got them and oh my god!!! I love them so much more than in the picture even. They are great and unique and I think I must order more!! I really appreciated the little touches like the note and the wrapping. thank you sooooo much. -tanner

Hannah! I just got my skirt in the mail. It is beautiful! It is exactly as I imagined, and it fits perfectly! I couldn't be happier! I will wear it every day! Thank you! Lindsey

Thanks, Hannah! Got it yesterday and LOVE it. I'll be ordering again soon! Amanda

Hi Hannah, I ripped open my package wearing full winter regalia (wool scarf, many layers, it's been +/-40F outside lately), bravely shed my layers and then shiveringly tried on my new summer dress in my cold apartment. It took a while to tie the ribbons the way I wanted so I got even colder but sometimes one has to suffer for beauty...it's now hanging nicely on my clothes rack and I love seeing the ladybugs peep out between my other clothes. This dress is so dang cute, I just love the way mostly you think it's a plaid dress and then you've got that surprise slice of ladybug tableau there. Also the silkscreen colors match the twill print just great and that rickrack is something pretty special, too. I cannot wait to wear this dress for real when the weather gets warm. Again, thanks so much for your great designs, Audrey

Wow, they are beautiful. Got them yesterday. They fit perfectly. Thanks so much again. Denise

Hello Hannah, just wanted to let you know that I have received the skirts and apron today -- thank you so much for everything. I am sending the apron to my niece in Germany -- I am sure she'll love it. The skirts are wonderful. I really appreciate what you do -- knowing that the items are made by hand and designed by you as well makes them even more special. Keep up the wonderful work -- you have a great gift! All the best, Christa

thanks hannah, wearing it right now, and love it!!! :) shelley

uhu hannah... big - big - big - big - big - big - big - big - big KISSSSSSS :-) the skirts are the BEST! I'm sooo happyyyy... hello from zurich - karine

I bought the Gingerbread skirt some time ago (Will be ordering more soon! Love your stuff!) and had to tell you that after my doctor's appointment today she paraded me around the office to ensure all of her staff saw how cute her 'patient' was in her Gingerbread skirt. Last year wore this skirt traveling around Amsterdam and got TONS of compliments. From the moment I put the skirt on to the time I take it off it's nothing but compliments! Thank you Hannah, please never stop making skirts! Michelle

Hannah, I just wanted to let you know that the skirt I bought from you for my finace went over HUGE! She loved it and I think it looks better than I imagined it would. Thank you so much! :D David

Got the dress yesterday--it is SO cute and fits perfectly. Good job! Meredith

Dear Hannah, I just received my skirt in the mail today + it surpassed all of my expectations! I love it, and I can't wait to wear it! The quality is evident right down to the last detail- amazing! I also can't wait to order more stuff once I start making more $$$. Thanks again for everything! :)Dale

Hi Hannah, I am writing to tell you that your skirts are the coolest! They are made very well and I feel like a million dollars when I am wearing them. I expect to be including your clothes in my monthly budget from now on! Thanks again, Sara

Hi Hannah. I received the black denim skirt last week and have worn it twice so far! I love all of my Hannah skirts and have to carry around your postcards to give people your address when asked about the skirts! Keep up the creative work-I give you three gold stars for this latest one! Take care and have a great weekend! HeatherJoy

Hi Hannah, I got my gear & I just wanted to tell you how much I love it all! It is all SO ME + the quality is fabulous. The pieces are even better than I imagined. I will return for more! Liana x

Hi Hannah, I received the skirt today and it is just perfect! Be sure to receive another order soon. Thanks again, Claudia

I got the skirt today! Loved it!!!!!! Thank you! Inger-Lise


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