dutch treat tea towels

i took a little break from making them, but since i’ve gotten a bunch of requests for them, the dutch treat tea towels are back!

dutch treat tea towels are back!

i’ll be¬†offering more of the toadstool tea towels too, as soon as i have a chance to print them up.

4 Responses to “dutch treat tea towels”

  1. jessi nagy Says:

    so sweet.

  2. amy Says:

    i just found your website and blog today. your stuff is amazing! i am so glad i found you!

  3. geek+nerd Says:

    Oooh, I never noticed that you offered these before! So cute!

  4. Amy W. Says:

    Yay, the Dutch Treat Tea Towel is back! Those sold out before I could order one- same thing for the toadstool towel, too. I’ll be placing an order soon….

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