happy june!

is it just me or did may really zip by?

i’ve been doing some serious (late) spring cleaning around here. it was getting really hard to keep track of fabric. when i first started madewithlovebyhannah i only had a handful of designs, 7 years later i have 72 designs in multiple colorways…that’s about 138+ different items. that’s alot of different fabric!

i bought this cubbyhole shelf from ikea to help me get organized and i have to tell you i think it has changed my life!

wow, i can find stuff now! i’m wishing i’d done this years ago.

i also found a bunch of leftover screen prints so there may be more swatch bundles on the horizon. when i’ve done the swatch bundles before, i cut out the parts that are badly printed or blurry…would you prefer it if i left the pieces intact, mistakes and all, for you to cut as you like, or do you like me to edit them? please let me know what you think!

speaking of fabric, i just picked up a bunch of this awesome lion print fabric at the thrift store!

i’m going to use it for some summertime skirts. i’m really digging the color combo!

i also¬†unearthed a bunch of mostly vintage fabric pieces left over from various ‘limited edition’ skirts through the years.

if any of you lovely readers would like them for patchwork or what-have-you (there are alot of decent sized pieces for purses and pouches) leave a comment and i’ll randomly pick a recipient a week from now and send you a large flat rate mailing box (that’s 12″x12″x5.5″) stuffed to the gills with fun fabric pieces! (US addresses only, please. international shipping for the box is almost $60! yikes!)

45 Responses to “happy june!”

  1. Monique Says:

    Oh please! I would love to be chosen to receive all that groovy fabric. Thanks so much for the opportunity!
    Monique xx

  2. Janna Lynn Says:

    OOOhhh! I’d be totally wanting those! :) I hope you pick me…I plan to make a honeycomb quilt skirt….and those could be perfect for that! Hearts, janna lynn

  3. Jonah Says:

    I would love any of your fabric pieces!

  4. Amy Says:

    Love that lion print you found. and, I would take any of your cast off scraps!

  5. VioletteCrumble Says:

    I have that shelf, but don’t use it for fabric. It does work well for organizing for sure. Please throw my name into the hat! Those scraps look fantastic.

  6. Andrice Says:

    Those scraps look awesome! I would love it.

  7. Sandi Says:

    So much lovely fabric! I have tons already but I remain convinced that someday when I am buried in fabric I will finally get off my butt and make something with it all so count me in for the drawing.

  8. Lorene Says:

    Omigosh! Those scraps would be GREAT for a quilt!!!!

  9. Amy R Says:

    Your fabrics looks so pretty and organized on their new shelf.

    It would be so fun to win some of your scraps, thanks for the chance!

  10. Stacey Says:

    I would have a blast playing with your awesome stash!

  11. Tina Y Says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a patchwork skirt for awhile and love the colors in the scraps you have. Please add me to the list! :)

  12. Krissy Says:

    Looks great! I have a theory that in the not to distant future 80% of all household will have at least one large Expedit in their house and to the people of the far future it will look like it was some prerequisite, like government issued furniture. I want to get one for my records. I am in serious declutter mode, too.

  13. Amy Says:

    I’d love a chance to get that awesome fabric! Thanks!

  14. hannah Says:

    thanks for all of your comments!

    that’s too funny, krissy! and probably true. i think when they dig those things up like dinosaur bones that ikea laminte will still look good as new. but it’s so awesome. i had some not so kind words about it before i bought it but i’ve taken back every single one.

  15. mjb Says:

    I see lots of fun pieces for patchwork!

  16. sarah Says:

    scraps! oh yes, please!
    and good for you for getting your sorting done; my to do list has included a massive purge/sort, but i just haven’t been able to muster the will – maybe with you as a role model, though.

  17. hannah Says:

    well it’s been a long time coming! i’ve been meaning to do it since the holiday rush was over…it’s only taken me 6 months to get to it!

  18. Amanda Says:

    I would love to have some vintage scraps! I plan on doing a whole lot of sewing during my summer break.

  19. Amanda Says:

    I also wanted to comment that I bought a bookshelf from IKEA, laid it on its side (it’s about 6 feet long and four feet tall this way), and set it in my entryway as a great catch-all. Sports bags and equipment fit pretty well in the spaces meant for books, and there’s a smaller space, meant for CDs I think, that fits shoes really well. The top has all our mail and my purse and junk. It works wonderfully!

  20. Lisa Says:

    holy crap that looks like a big fat pile o fun!
    ps I did my fabric in that same cube shelving. isn’t it wonderful!? it’s so clean and orderly. it soothes me just to see it.

  21. kelly Says:

    What a great collection of scraps! It would be awesome to get to play with them. I also love your swatch bundles, so fingers crossed some of those become available again soon…

  22. Jessie Says:

    Um, yes, please! I would love to win. Those are adorable!

  23. CN Heidelberg Says:

    Oh my goodness, I’d love that stuff. I’m a patchwork junkie. I live abroad but I’d have you send it to my sister or mom in the US. I know they can get it to me as we’ve become masters of international shipping. ;)
    I have an Expedit shelf too – it’s great for just about everything!

  24. Abby Says:

    Can I be added to the awesome fabric scrap pot? Thank you.

  25. Julie Says:

    Wow–awesome offer! When packaging swatch bundles I think I would like the pieces left intact. That would allow me to include blurry spots in selvages or other “hidden places” (hems on doll clothes, for example). Thanks for the chance to win one of the best prizes ever.

  26. karen Says:

    Love those fabrics! Even though I live in Canada, my aunt lives in the states and I will meet with her in August – so I’ll give it a shot and hope to win your awesome scraps!

  27. Badger Says:

    It is hard to say whether it would be better to leave the swatches intact.. because they look so pretty when you organize them and photograph them in their little groups!! But for crafting sake, it would be nice to have extra room around the print to work with. I’m glad you got organized! thanks for doing the awesome give-away!

  28. Emma Jane Says:

    Thanks, what an awesome giveaway! It gives me so many ideas!

  29. Liz Noonan Says:

    oh my! yes please for scraps! I live in the US, in Mass.
    Also, I think left intact, you never know what could be made from those blurry bits!
    yay! and Thank you!

  30. elizabeth Says:

    would love to be entered, thank you!

  31. Care Says:

    Ooooooh!! So many beautiful, BEAUTIFUL scraps! I would just DIE to have them — I adore your work and all the colors and prints you use and create! Yay!!! :o)



  33. Tristen Says:

    I am always sewing up little things from scraps! I would love to create something with your fabric.

  34. Melissa Says:

    I love your stuff. Please pick me

  35. Tamera Says:

    Love the patterns and colors all jumbled together in the shot! My opinion: leave swatches intact. Less work for you and gives people more creative freedom :)

  36. MonaR Says:

    Congratulations on your improved storage. Love handling all my stuff and probably waste waaay too much time resorting. Always room for some more good stuff. :)

  37. jennifer Says:

    they’re beautiful!!!!! i hope i win :)

  38. Asuka Says:

    Hi, Hannah:

    If it it not too late, please do include me in the list of possible recipients of your wonderful scrap fabrics! Thanks!

  39. hannah Says:

    thanks for all of your comments! my assistant has chosen a lucky recipient! (but i had to type the email) http://madewithlovebyhannah.com/WordPress/?p=2990

  40. Johna Says:

    Ooooh….yes please! If you have another please add me to future recipients list. I ? MWLBH! Thanks :)

  41. Johna Says:

    haha the “?” mark was supposed to be a heart symbol :)

  42. Nettie Says:

    Oh, I absolutely adore the lion print fabric!

  43. Melissa Says:

    Exciting! I swooooon over fabric scraps!!


  44. sarah Says:

    I recently found some of that lion print but in a different color combination. I made a pillow out of it. https://twitter.com/mapadelphia/status/258752218902196224

  45. hannah Says:

    awesome! love it sarah!

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