cuckoo clock art wig

i just discovered this on etsy…did i just die and go to heaven!?!

pure genius!!

(by sweet hayseed)

i especially love the pinecones tied on at the bottom of the braids. nice touch! i might try that on myself!

7 Responses to “cuckoo clock art wig”

  1. brook Says:

    hahah so cool!

  2. Celia Says:

    Lovely! And thanks so much for the link!

  3. tashe Says:

    Oh you really BETTER HAD. Clearly this person also has a dream-scanner machine that tunes in directly to your brain, so see if you can get one of those too!!

    SO perfect for you! :)

  4. the tilted tulip Says:

    whoa. whoa. awesome indeed.

  5. threeundertwo Says:

    Hilarious. And perfect for all occasions!

  6. Amy Q Says:

    I just came across your site and blog today and your style and work is FANTASTIC. I LOVE it all! Thank you so much for putting your creative energy out there for us to enjoy!

  7. hannah Says:

    aw, thank you! i’m glad you enjoy it!

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